Football Jones

This shit reads like something out of Basketball Jones.
I happen to have the pleasure of writing this response in a bad mood.
So you know Ima go in.

Okay so if you have been living under a rock,
haven’t been reading my blog,
or woke up from a long nap,
then you know that a football player of the Atlanta Falcons was outed on a fellow blog site.

It was some bullshit about gay dude was funding the baller’s broke lifestyle
and then when said baller blew up, he dropped him like a bad habit.
I was too busy shaking my head that I couldn’t believe what I was reading.

Here are some of my thoughts.

> came in the form of IM/email and telephone conversations to sending
> money to pay for his dates (i.e. flowers, dinner, hotel rooms,
> etc). In addition I would send him money because, according to him,
> his parents didn’t support him financially, or emotionally as I
> later found out in our relationship.”

Okay you are an idiot already my dude. WHY oh WHY are you sending money to pay for this grown man and his lifestyle?

WHUT? I’ll be damned if I give a dude cash to take some bitch on a date. One who is just a friend to begin with?
Why not send his ass to get a job?

“I sent him money ALL the time. I sent him money more than anyone,
> accumulating thousands of dollars over a 2-year period.”

UM CRAZY! Sounds like the dick was bananas and shifted his little brain because NO sane person does this.
Baller saw the game and milked it for what it was worth.
Just like gold digger’s from athlete’s pasts.
Get some cash; slang some dick.

“Even after
> knowing about his deal, I still sent him money. I sent him $600 a
> week before he signed his first contract. Shortly thereafter, our
> communication all but ceased.”


“I would still send him occasional text/emails or call, with no
> reply. If he didn’t want me to contact him, he would have changed
> his number, but he never did.
On or around Thanksgiving 2005, I sent
> him a text wishing him Happy Thanksgiving, and he replied. After 1
> 1/2 years, he replied with a half-ass response, basically saying

> thank you for everything you have done and God will bless you.”

Now you see the part I underlined? Is this person fucking stupid? My number is still the same, hasn’t changed from dude’s I messed with moon’s ago. I see we are dealing with an amateur.

“I used all of the frustration I had to contact him
> one last time. Knowing I basically took care of this man during his
> college career, and now he is making millions of dollars every year,”

Yup. Just like I thought. Sounds like this is an issue about money.

“After the season was over, I told him that I needed help moving and
> he traveled to NC to give me money. It was at this time that we
> began to reconnect emotionally and sexually.”

Yup, I thought correct. Money issue AND back breakin’ dick. I’m seeing right through “gurlfriend” already. You not fooling me.

“Our privacy was
> more important to me, not him. When we argued, which was alot, it
> was always about his frustrations about my choice to not be
> affectionate or, pretty much myself, around him in public. I always
> explained to him the consequences, no matter how ignorant it was for
> anyone to judge his ability as an athlete based on his sexual
> preference for women or men, or both.”

STOP THE MUTHAFUCKIN PRESSES. Wasn’t this dude D/L? So, what arguments was he having about being OUT? And why would he want to be OUT, and still want to pursue a very public  football career????? Where is the “STOP” button? He added that bullshit for extra BOOM to the story.

“It was at this time, that he started acting weird. Our
> conversations just didn’t seem the same, and he was trying to
> distance himself again.”

Sounds like a pre-breakup…

“I pulled up, saw him at a
> table and sat down. He literally looked at me, got up, without
> saying a word, and a man in a suit sat down and slid an envelope to
> me. In a nutshell, this bastard set me up! The man that sat down was
> his lawyer. He basically told me that I should take what’s in the
> envelope and not contact him again. The best part is that this wanna-
> be lawyer said they were keeping the “NFL police” at bay from me.”

BECAUSE HE KNEW YOUR ASS WAS FLIPPIN’ CRAZY, YOU DUMB ASS! You the same ignorant ass that was contacting him and thinking because he didn’t change his phone number, it was still okay for you to STILL contact him. No, he didn’t want your crazy ass “gurl”. You still wanted his dick though.

“I was fuming. After all
> I had done for this man, all of the years we spent together,
> emothionally AND sexually,”

…add financially to that statement…

“I never opened the
> envelope, which I am sure enclosed a check for an undisclosed
> amount. I never looked at it. Never wanted to. I walked out and saw
> my former lover get out of his white mercedes benz, shook as hell.”


I would have took the money and ran. Fuck all that shit.. Why would you want to deal with a man that doesn’t want you anymore? Sounds like you was chasing “done dealed” dick.

“He just signed a deal
> with the Atlanta Falcons, totaling over $20 million dollars. That is
> why he tried to write me off. Because of money. I was beyond hurt
> and angry. If it was ever about money with me, I would have made
> that clear, or at least try to contact him again to settle a
> monetary deal to shut me up.”

Seeing as how you are an amateur, you didn’t. I would have had all his stats in an envelope. READY to present my case. Since he wanted to be an asshole; then I was gonna be an asshole. AND GUESS WHAT? I wouldn’t need my blog or someone else’s to do it. Maybe because I am always ready to take care of myself when push comes to shove. This fool got slayed and then dependent. And then he says it wasn’t about money. You saw them dolla signs when you peeped 20 mil tho. GTFOH!

“He dare
> not deny it. No one believed in him, that’s what he told me. Those
> were the type of conversations we had. And our relationship came
> down to a check?”

Couple entries up, you was ready to tell us how much you paid for this man. So, yes, it came down to a check – FOOL.

“Shortly after this incident I became very stressed and hospitalized
> for 2 weeks for high blood pressure and heart failure at 33.”

This nigga is stupid. I am convinced.
AND NO, I do not feel sorry for him.

“The reason I have decided to come out with this story is because I
> have given him more than enough time to right this wrong.”

Bitch, say what??!! He broke up with you. You are playing the victim, trying to have these naive women and gay men feel sorry for your ass. I don’t, because when you actually read the whole story, you can clearly see where this dude was stupid. And anyone who feels sorry for him is the victim type.

I said it.

“and why he turned our relationship into a
> would-be scandal”

No. You did when you contacted MissJia for tea time 😉

“I am the one who told him my being his lover could
> ruin his career, and I kept our relationship between us because he
> was right, it wasn’t anyone’s business. He is the one doing this to
> his life, not me.”


“He is the one living the extravagent life in
> Atlanta, posing in magazines as one of the most eligible bachelors,
> dating countless women, who can confirm as I know, he has hate
> issues with women.”

Typical EX stalker behavior. Cannot get over the man in question, so you get to stalking him and seeing what he has been up too. The balls you got now, you should have BEEN used them.

“He promised he would take care of me, but
> only when he was a low-profile athlete. The minute he turned high-
> profile, he let the wrong people get in his ear, people whom he pay
> to protect his image, yet they made the mistake of ruining him by
> trying to hush me with money.”

So, it was about money…? Or not?

“To this day, I have no idea what was in that envelope, but there is
> no amount of money that will heal a scorned heart.”

I woulda knew what was in envelope… but that’s the Jamari way of thinking. Then found another baller to keep the nights warm.


“I don’t have the money or the luxury to do so.”

Thought so.

> story is no secret. For every story written like mine, there are
> thousands unwritten that would read the same, only those took the
> envelope and walked away to let these men continue to live lies.”

And they moved on after the BREAKUP.
Because that is what this is

“I have a life I need to live
> also, and the only way to bring closure to this situation is to get
> it off my chest.”

You should have done that with that check partna.
Since you were so desperate for D/L dick,
breaking off coins,
you thought WRONG!

“I gave him over 2 years to right this
> wrong. He left me no choice, I have to do it my way.”

Dumb. Broke. And Crazy. I have no other words.


I must say, it was a good read. Something about the story seems fake tho. I ain’t buying the victim act. Dude sounded like an idiot going into it and coming out of it. No one could be that stupid. Then again, alot of other gay men are. Example: The AIDS rate is HIGH in our community. Lets not forget these silly females out here. But, logically, this sounds like a fairy tale. So many red flags in the beginning that I question the validity of the story and the sanity of the victim.

And then the blogger says she did it because….

“She claims that she put Mughelli “on blast” because she’s sick of this type of DL-ish behavior from athletes. Miss Jia said she’s not sure if Mughelli has a girlfriend, but girl answered his home phone when she tried to contact him.

Is she crazy too? Who died and made her the FAG-BI?
There is WAY too much crazy going on in this situation.

I mean, the baller was wrong for doing what he did. He isn’t getting a pass from me. Maybe some dap for playing this mark ass nigga stupid and getting some cash when he needed it.


The lonely bottom met a dude, desperate for dick decided to provide funds in order to keep him, baller kept it up, slang the dick out the ball park, and the gay dude got sprung. Baller got up in ranks and needed to upgrade his situation. Bottom becomes crazy and starts showing signs of crazy. Baller, the idiot, should have let it go but he wanted the ass again, so he goes for a second helping of empty promises. Bottom falls deeper in love, baller falls out, and leaves bottom hanging. Bottom feels wronged, has nervous breakdown, decided to move on with love mixed with crazy, and now THIS mess that has been created….

Have I covered everything?

You hear this story from females all the time. This gay dude clearly put common sense to the side and fell for the okey dokey.

But there is ALWAYS a lesson to be learned in someone else’s messy ass drama.

What did you learn?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “Football Jones”

  1. excellent breakdown sir on point…. still story is weak speaking from experience …. the stories I could tell but I can say most DL players would not deal with what looks to be a major queen ….. trust me

  2. People really believe this hot mess of a story??? This sounds like some made up publicity seeking psycho. Wow!

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