azealia banks is playing the victim once again

ya know,
it gets to a point where you gotta look in the mirror and ask yourself:

“Is it me?”

when all kinds of bad shit keeps happening,
everyone has the same story about you,
and you’re constantly in drama,
it may not just be someone else anymore.
the problem may very well be you.
this is my continued issue with azealia banks.
she’s in another drama filled,
tear inducing,
ig rant with the word “victim” over her head.
this time it’s about the her vs the airpline,
aer lingus.
she’s banned from flying them again due to an alleged tirade.
this is what a foxholer sent me…

i bet one of her stans will defend her honor somehow.
it’s like why are you even wasting energy on that one?
now we have all had bad shit happen to us unexpectedly.
sometimes luck is just not on our side.
the constant “bad luck” that azealia gets in tho?
i use to love this she-jackal for her music,
but i couldn’t tell you what she’s doing creatively these days.
i think she is perfectly okay with that.

lowkey: she could drop some scandalous gossip,
that may very well be true,
but no one will take her seriously enough to believe it.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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