around this time last year, we were excited about 2020 (welp…)

around this time last year,
i had all these big hopes and dreams for 2020.
i was expecting the male and the money.
in my head,
there were a lot more outings and good times with the community i was in.
around this time last year,
i was supposed to go to a big party that one of my home wolves was throwing in the city.

2020 was supposed to be “my year”

it was supposed to be all of our years tbh.
who woulda thunk…

i ended up getting fired the week after and struggling to buy groceries the week after that.
who woulda thunk this year would be one of the toughest years for many of us.
it forced us to sit down and really tinker around with the inside.
many lost their minds,
others aren’t with us any longer,
and a few showed us their true colors.

when i think of what i’m expecting for 2021,
i don’t have many expectations.
this year taught me to detach and go with the flow with everything.
as much as i like being in control of outcomes,
this year forced me to let go and let the higher forces work.
it ended up working in my favor.

so next year,
i’m gonna give my best and continue to move forward.
if someone wants to be in my life,
but i won’t break down if they don’t.
thanks for the season and i’ll cherish the moment.
i hope everyone on the foxhole has a better and safe year ahead.
thank you for continuing to rock with me on this journey.
let’s go much…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “around this time last year, we were excited about 2020 (welp…)”

  1. 2020 was the brand new decade that motivated us to take all of the goals we often emphasize seriously. It ended up, like the internet said, a bad movie with a good soundtrack.

  2. I remember people doom saying 2020 before it even started. Everybody was like “2019 was awful, 2020 is gonna be worse.” I was like “damn will y’all stop being so negative!” Then Kobe died at the end of January. Then at the end of February I heard about Chinese people getting some new disease from eating bats and the rest was history.

    Funny thing is I was supposed to move to Florida in 2020. They’re the Corona capitol of the United States. I still kind of wish I did.

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