so pornstar, flash brown, is an alleged throat baby now?

*the following entry is rated xxx
viewer discretion is strongly advised

ya know,
i thought i would spend the day sleeping,
but the foxhole doesn’t allow that.
the following is crazy because i literally thought about pornstar flash brown the other day.
i stumbled across some of his work on ( x blacked ) and wondered if he is part of the onlyfans collective.
The Universe
i love you…
a foxholer sent me an alleged update from his onlyfans and…


is that him???????????????
if so,
is he bi?

sexually fluid?
i mean,
we have all seen him dig into vixens while being stupid hard.

on the positive,
it seems he used his time wisely and learned a new skill when he was in jail.
allegedly fonting.

( x read that here )

the pretty vixen always says males who hate vixens tend to be gay.
they take their aggression out on vixens because of their deep and immense hatred.
they wanna be with another male but they can’t.
those types will be suckas (literally and figuratively) for other males,
but they hate themselves so it never works out for all parties involved.
it’s so interesting how the many layers of sexuality affect people.
i also find it interesting how he’s allegedly suckin’ dick now,
but back in 2010,
he was sending out emails to gay blogs to have his images/videos removed.
( x read about that here )
while all that was going on:

I was getting emails from his many ex-vixens about his past alleged abusive ways.

it’s funny how this ended up.
let this be a lesson about karma foxhole.
this is why i don’t beef anymore with folks.
i let the Universe handle all stress and strife.
it always comes back to fuck them hard eventually.


lowkey: so the rumors of that one male claiming flash hard on his ig was true?
so then,
who is she?


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33 thoughts on “so pornstar, flash brown, is an alleged throat baby now?”

  1. Wow I’m praying for him. Jail must’ve did a number on him but he beats women so those are the consequences and he looks terrible. Smh I hope he not strung out on anything. Prayers up.

  2. I remember seeing a video with him trying on various types of sexy underwear for a gaypirn site but I just summed it up as one of those gay for pay situations, (“see him fuck” etc.) But that is a whole live dick he’s sucking…I never thought I’d see the day

  3. I remember her danced for Slim Thug on a Taggaz video years ago… i knew then. But what I don’t respect is dudes that denounce anything gay…then years later turn around and try and make a coin from it!!!!

    1. Was it hurr though? It may have been someone named Megabody dancing for Slim Thug in a Dawgpound Live video. Post a link if you got it.

        1. If I remember correctly, I think flash filmed a solo. I remember Megabody DEF stripped, because I remember that beer bottle ‘display’ he did…lol

          Also, am I the only one not fully convinced that it’s Flash in the video? Not only does it not look like other pics n vids of him (I mean, that short of a sentence doesn’t usually lead to men looking worse on the way out than way in..ijs). They’ve been saying his stuff was hacked for a while now, and Idk why someone paid for being straight would LEAD w a video w meat in his mouth. Wouldn’t he probably ‘break the ice’ by getting head or doing something waaay less extreme crossover? I could be wrong tho.

  4. Once again…another Trap Song sounding like it’s low key like Throat Baby talking bout a dude….yeh yeh I know.

  5. I was his staunchest defender until one of his ex-victims slid into my IG DMs and told me he abused her and beat the shit out of her. He is unrecognizable in this video but his lips give it away. This is him. Damn.

    From college basketball phenom to slinging prescription drugs to porn and then jail and now sucking dick on onlyfans, this is a huge fall from grace.

    1. ^can someone explain how everyone is fonting yet his onlyfans is clearly at the bottom?

      did someone add that to some random video of a stranger?
      and why?

        1. ^ i had to use logic because i was confused with the “” at the bottom.

          plus his onlyfans is 50 dollars.
          why the high ass price?

  6. Most men who call themselves “Flash” are sus af.

    Son’s history is so stereotypical that I don’t even know where to begin.

    He checks off all of the boxes of a pansexual, so I’ll keep it simple: if you think he is, he is.

    LOL @ him acting like he’s scared to beast on that dick because he’s being filmed. He better Megan Thee Stallion that fat juicy dick like only he can. Tall ass gump ass nigga. He’s like 6’5. I know his throat deep af and so is that ass.

    But yeah, all of those BLACKED actors are sus. Ace “John Johnson” Rockwood is on there for goodness sake! There are few I wouldn’t mind fucking around with though. I’m gonna get me a piece of Louie Smalls one day. He’s literally perfect. So is Isiah Maxwell and Jason Brown.

    That’s definitely him in the video (ignore the cleaner, Jamari) just look at his patchy eyebrows.

  7. I hear yall. I’m not on social media like that, so I figured, if all of his other stuff could’ve been hacked, then maybe his onlyfans could have been too?? I guess hard enough drugs can have a man come out looking like that much of a shell of his former self.. And did somebody say it was only a year?? Talk about a dim down…yikes!

  8. That can’t be him, that guy looks so run down. If it is him this is a surprise. I remember years ago he made comments about not wanting gay men commenting/watching his videos.

  9. These days anything’s possible.. anyone remember The tall handsome Black porn star Sean Michael’s.from back in the day.. I used to think he was such a beautiful man.. He always pushed the limit in his movies. Well now he produces his own line of Him having sex with Trannies. To be honest I always saw something in him that made me think he was Bi..and living that lifestyle. If U like Google him as he may be before your time…

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