andre marhold and his big penis have an interview with jason lee

i’m so glad i watched this entire interview with andre marhold.
he plays “wtf is this pineapple doing?” really well,
but we know nothing about him besides jeffree star and a big dick.
  jason lee helped us understand him even more with this interview.
andre linked up with jason for an exclusive interview for “hollywood unlocked” for “fox soul“.
i had a few thoughts after i watched just now…

jason looked like he was frustrated at some parts.
he made me confused.
the whole not knowing jeffree was racist was a “huh?” for me.

andre knew what the deal was with jeffree,
but i feel he was tryna turn the other cheek for a possible bag.

why do i feel like andre likes trans vixens and really fem males?
i didn’t even realize jeffree was trans.
ej king and bobby are feminine males who look like vixens.
his fantasy was a trans.
teyana taylor is a really sexy tomboy.
she is fem,
but gives masculine energy too.

Is Andre really attracted to males?
Or is he attracted to femininity?


i don’t believe for one second he was only fuckin’ with jeffree off vibes alone.
i refuse to believe that.
they must have been some strong vibes cause…

his dick was so big he can’t fuck anyone?
there is a gay male who will take that dick with no issues.
was that bobby?

andre ain’t have to out his teammate’s small dick like that.

andre is a mess,
but let’s face it

We love a mess.

when the mess is messing with the same sex and has no issue getting naked,
he is what we love to see until he can’t provide any more entertainment.
i kinda feel like he is fuckin’ with bobby for that “lhh” storyline tho.
at this point,
besides onlyfans

What else can he do?

lowkey: i do like what he said about males exploring their sexuality.
if you care what people think,
it will always bring about insecurities.
you kinda gotta jump in head first with no fucks to give.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “andre marhold and his big penis have an interview with jason lee”

  1. Literally nothing interesting at all about this dude. I need intellect and articulation. I felt like Jason was even dumbing hisself down just so dude could understand the questions. Goes to show you how much you can lack personality wise, but if you’re “cute” with pipe people will throw theirselves at you, and damn near give you the world.

  2. Him outing his former teammate was a whole hot mess…outta pocket! And he almost sounded like he defended Jefferee Starr with the racism. Jefferee was being racists to Asians and Andre flat out said he uses the N word with the er to say it to white folks and that don’t sit well with me and shouldn’t be with him too. He didn’t hold him accountable.

  3. Andre is attracted to money, to him it doesn’t matter who it is as long u have to notoriety and money. Plus he was spotted with the guy Sheik TV a couple of days ago.

  4. The fuck….Shitting on the baby mother when you sleeping with Skeletor for the bag and defending him after he said you stole from him…The man is so lost. Just getting used. These men that are just big dick and nothing else be so lost… 1hr and some change for this nothing. Black men regardless of who we sleeping with got to do better. A racist is a racist.

  5. Seriously, I don’t understand how men who claim that the are strong. But then you’re doing craziness for money. Come out of your closet and face reality. Sooner or later you will get caught in up in your own shit!!!

  6. Jason don’t care what he had to say, all he wanted was to see the dick and I’m sure he swallowed and gobbled it up after the cameras went off. All he had to do was turn the camera on and let Andre shade himself and that’s exactly what he did. Now the whole naked thing, why else would he be naked. He knew that’s what Jason wanted, just like Bobby. Bobby couldn’t do shit for him because Mona not filming. If she is, she starting with Atlanta and then New York, then sliding to Hollywood with Miami being last. After that twitter leak Andre dropped Bobby so fast. Didn’t nobody want to see neither one of them but they want to see him and Sheik tho

  7. I like him . He is who he is and honest whether you like him ,or not. I’m good with that.

    Jason is just what today’s personalities need. Intelligent and honest , not trying to ” kiss up”

  8. Wtf did I just watch… I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt but this is one of the first HU interviews where I actually gave Jason props for judging by the way it was handled.

    This Andre man is a train wreck and clearly an opportunist. He basically confirmed it and tried to play it off like he didn’t know who Jeffree was before they met. Like n***a bye, you saw the millions of followers, the blue verified check and started plotting. He basically said he wanted to live in LA, so in a nutshell HE came at Jeffree by trying to get Jeffree’s attention on instagram and Jeffree liked what he saw and flew him out to stay with him.

    Y’all saw how he mentioned Love & Hip Hop whilst talking about Bobby Lytes right? Yep, opportunist.

    He said he & EJ first “met” on Instagram. Opportunist.

    You don’t see a pattern here? And trust me I understand getting a bag and its his right so I’m not mad at him, not everybody gets through life the same way. But that is “his type” for those that are wondering. Somebody that he believes will help him get ahead in life. He gave me scrub vibes and he knows that dick is all he can offer so there is no shame in his game..

    Cackling at him saying that Jeffree isn’t racist because he was nice & not “stereotypically racist” to him, NO SH*T bozo you were giving him dick LOL. Aren’t most gay white men “nice” to black men whenever they’re having sex with them? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out. He seems like a cool guy but honestly he is too slow for my liking, if men like that are y’alls cup of tea then feel free. I like my men to be attractive with a brain. Because he is way too grown to be thinking the way he is.

    If he’s happy to be used as a cumrag to get ahead then that’s his life, it’s not up for us to dictate his decisions. His mother seems ratchet too based on the way he described her. At least she was accepting of his sexuality though.

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