All His Life, Adrien Broner’s Paws Had To Fight

they say you never know where someone is been until you walked a mile in their shoes.
well boxer wolf,
adrien broner,
has walked a couple miles with no shoes on.
he thought we wanted to see his paw situation on the gram and well…

now i can understand a baller wolf who plays football with paws like this,
but adrien is a boxer.
what is really going on???
was it a dare?

and why did he feel the need to share this?
i have questions.
i know they be talking about him when he goes to get a pedicure.

lowkey: he loves to let the world know he has money,
don’t he?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “All His Life, Adrien Broner’s Paws Had To Fight

  1. Wow!! (I mean eww) I’m suspicious of these guys who always wear socks with their flip flops , initially i thought it was a trend but now i think this is what some of them might be hiding 😕

  2. Ok with all of that money he makes from boxing, he needs to get a pedicure AND he needs to go see a podiatrist and see if he can have surgery done on them bad boys STAT!! Damn!!

    This is exactly why I don’t like looking at feet. To look down and see feet like these is a SCARY thought!

  3. I am going to need him to do something about this, they almost look like gorilla feet, it is absolutely awful.

  4. Jamari, you remember that show “My brother and me”? Remember when Alphe and Goo pulled a prank on Melanie and her friend called “the ugly funky feet fund”? Well, we need to start a GoFundMe for Adrien Broner’s feet because even though he got money, he need a separate account for his ugly funky feet. He look like he got foot fungus and tree bark for toenails.

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