a sorta wise person said “you never win when you play dirty”

there are those above us that shine ever so brightly.
they have worked hard and earned there place with the stars.
there is always that one jackal(s) who thinks throwing shots,
or trying to bring them down,
is what will elevate them to that same level.
well i’m here to font

that gets you absolutely nowhere

it actually does the reverse.
you’ll get a little higher,
but you’ll be known as a “trouble maker” and a “liability”.
it’s also very try hard and poor.

when your time of judgment comes,
those who follow will pretty much turn on you.
no one will forget how you got to the next level.
i’ve noticed this.
it creates silent enemies and a full karma pay back.
what would it look like if i was throwing shots at:

the luckey star?
confessions of a downlow brother: the sequel?
the read?

awesomely luuvie?
the ybf?
xonecole ?

other folks i look up to and admire.
what would that accomplish?
as blacks,
we have a hard time gaining alliances in this industry.
as a gay blogger,
it’s even worst.
so that “crab in the barrel” mentality is doing nothing but destroying the little we have.
i don’t see:

oprah trying to bring down barbara walters
ellen trying to bring down oprah
issa rae trying to bring down ava duvernay
denzel washington trying to bring down will smith
michael b jordan trying to bring down chadwick boseman

lee daniels trying to bring down tyler perry
the breakfast club trying to bring down the joe budden podcast
angie martinez trying to bring down wendy williams

…and the other way around.
i do see it with the reality stars and the common folks tho.
the ones who don’t have much talent or want instant fame.
i don’t care what others are doing.
i’m trying to pave my own lane and get my own seat.
there are many i have talked about who never responded to me,
but i never thought of trying to ruin them.
i will continue to work hard until i can’t be ignored.
nothing better than when the underdog makes it.
that should be everyone’s mentality.
there is more than enough room for everyone to eat.
we all have lanes and should stay within them.

i could be wrong tho,
but i’ll continue to work on my craft.
my reserved seating is being set up for my arrival.
…and there is more work to be done after i get there.
i have no time for any other nonsense.

lowkey: folks with legit talent are too busy building.
they don’t have time to throw shade and be vindictive.
they do have time to network,
build connects,
and align themselves with those above them.
the rest want fame and will do about anything for it.
 kim kardashian is even a corporation out here.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “a sorta wise person said “you never win when you play dirty””

    1. No she doesn’t. See she says things (in her vile way) that have some truth to them (and some of us think in our head)! Personally tho I do find myself thinking “Why the f&**k does she eve care?!?!” but in reality this generation especially the music industry does not even embrace the Rapper (that is Female) when really and truly they are where the true heat is coming from and she is pissed about it as she should be. I don’t agree with how she says what she says all the time but that does not take away from that truth in her statement, her right to her opinion or the lack of embrace that this industry has for the Female Artist in general. They much rather grab hold or the most typical negative nasty women. Also if she is nothing to hear or look at why does “Mainstream Media” cover her mainly when she says what people deem as negative? She is more so one of those people that you have to examine why they are the way they are you know…. Take Care and meant no disrespect with this response.

  1. I have never noticed even a slight correlation between morality and commercial success. The best people I know are not the richest and the richest people I know are not the best. Success is no more a reward for virtue than poverty is punishment for evil. You shouldn’t be virtuous in order to be successful and, even if karma is real, its time scale is likely longer than your lifetime. The wealthy convince the poor to conflate money and virtue to convince the poor that God wants them to be poor. Live your life according to rules that permit you to respect yourself and take what you have to the best market you can find and sell it. Do both but dont assume they are connected.

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