so i watched the extended “insecure” season 3 trailer and…

“insecure” speaks to my soul in the number of ways.
issa rae is one of my favorite creators.
i’d like to think she is a mentor in my head.
i connect heavy with her material.
in many ways,
i like to think i’m an awkward black fox to her vixen.
so you can guess my excitement when the trailer dropped.
this is the extended “insecure” trailer for season 3

daniel is such a full coursed meal.
i can’t wait to see more of him next season.
it’s a shame i didn’t see much of lawrence,
but i’m guessing his story line seems about over.
this is about issa,
her friends,
and who she is dating at the moment.
unless they use lawrence to see his pov as a black wolf,
he is about that “guest appearance” life.
either way,
this season looks at my life at this current moment.
from trying to save money to figuring out the next direction.
no wolves at this current moment,
because my phone is dry af…

…but i can relate with that fuckery.
i’m soooooooooo excited for what’s to come tho!
“insecure” hits hbo on august 12th at 10:30pm.

lowkey: one of my dreams is to meet issa.
that will happen.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “so i watched the extended “insecure” season 3 trailer and…”

  1. One of my favorite shows. I love how each character has some quality or storyline I can relate to. I’m really enjoying the resurgence of great, relatable (authentic Black characters/ storylines) tv.

  2. JF, you could so be a writer on her upcoming show about being a black bisexual male. There’s dedinitely a perspective you could offer.

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