so i watched the “orange is the new black” trailer and well…

i’ve been wondering about the new season of “orange is the new black”.
i felt it left off at such an awkward place last season.
spoiler: they had litchfield in a stand off situation.
they all got sent off to different prisons.
was i the only one who enjoyed last season?
it was better than the one before it.
well the trailer of this new 6 season was released.
my thoughts…

after viewing the trailer…

…this could actually work.
i could see a story line going here.
my question is…

How will they balance all of the various characters in these different locations?

…like piper and alex for instance.
piper’s character can get real annoying after a while.
i hope she doesn’t spend that whole season whining about alex,
all while constructing some master scheme to break out.
i guess i’ll have to wait and see.
the fact they released a trailer so close to release had me worried,
but they delievered fashionably late on my fox ass.
i’ll allow it.
“orange is the next black” hits netflix on the 27th of july.

lowkey: can we font about this?

who is that standing next to crazy eyes?????
they stay putting fine wolves up in this show.
they be doing the Lord’s work.

Author: jamari fox

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