A Day After Christmas Present For My Wolves

You know I love you guys…

You are the wind beneath a Fox’s wings.
I appreciate all your comments or your views.
Even if my Wolves are lurking and silent admirers, I love YOU scaredy cats too.

Now, since you can’t have ME…
And I know you would do nice and nasty things to me…
I have a present that I am sure will hold you over.

Ready for him?
He is hungry for some of that Wolf meat too.
I kept him nice and wet just for you.

And IĀ  know how much you like em wet and juicy…

Now you have him until 12 midnight…
so enjoy.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “A Day After Christmas Present For My Wolves”

  1. That nigga got a fat ass, it’s a lot of things that I would do to him. I couldn’t bend him into a pretzel though. šŸ™

      1. I probably would have to do it by force, he got a lot of muscles. I like the way he’s posing too, damn that ass looks yummy.

  2. Terry :
    Just what the Wolf ordered! Now, that is an ideal [fox]ā€¦..He got my Wolf hairs standing at attention!!!

    You hear that foxes? BACK TO THE GYM!!! Be sure to pick up your whey protein an creatine powder at your nearest GNC. Lift heavy weights with low reps to build muscle because that’s what they like! lol

        1. ^Oh he would but I like to believe if you are putting “fat ass” out there…
          you are also putting “come fuck me” too.
          This lifestyle is tricky when it comes to that kind of thing.
          Big ass, small ass, no ass, flat ass…. someone will fuck you, but will they stick around?

    1. ^yeah…
      so he can fuck you all the time.
      now if you have a body like that and can somehow wrap him around your finger,
      then you are all set.
      it is kind of the same equivalent of a vixen with a fat ass.
      it is all about his dick in her thickness.
      but you also got to remember,
      the submissive can get clingy or stupid after being fucked…

      1. Straight Men/ Wolves fall in love emotionally. Fysh/Foxes fall in love sexually. Something i believe.

        Having a body like that would certainly allow you through doors you otherwise would not have gotten through. And for most of us,, just getting through the door is the hardest part let alone staying inside.

  3. Based on his picture, I’d be all about sex w/him – not looking for a relationship. The dudes I’ve ended up dating have all been lean/slim/athletic – think Trey or Jamari šŸ˜‰

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