The Wolf Who Wants To Take It Slow -or- The Wolf Who Wants You NOW?



Sooooo…. Star Fox called me to catch up for the holidays.
He has been a busy Fox in his new state.
Our conversation wouldn’t be the same without some love life scandal.
I love when he calls because I am glad to see he has something exciting to tell me.
And of course, I had to tell you so grab a seat…

Star Fox has been talking to Wolf 2 these last few months.
They met on BGC and he was the type to be the The Bone Collector.
(Sidebar: I saw a pic of Wolf 2 and Foxes… he is FIONE.)
I always felt Star Fox had better luck online than I did.
Anyway, he was intrigued by Star Fox by the less he revealed in their messages.
It started out on some sex talk, but Star Fox didn’t jump to sleep with him.
They end up exchanging numbers and talking everyday until they finally met up with each other.
They didn’t fuck or do anything sexual, but Wolf 2 wants to take it slow.
He froze his BGC account; Star Fox deleted his.
He wants to build something with Star Fox.

Here comes the twist…

Star Fox went to the mall and he sees a blast from the past Wolf.
We will call him Wolf 1.
Wolf 1 doesn’t hold a candle to Wolf 2, but he is cute.
Plus, he has a charasmatic personality and a great sense of humor.
Wolf 1 and Star Fox met in 2008.
They met up and on a drunken night on Wolf’s part, he slept with Star Fox.
Afterwards, he apologized like crazy because he didn’t want their first time to be like that.
They talked/texted everyday for 3 years but they lost touch.
Well, he apparently moved to ATL and works as an assistant manager of a clothing store.
He saw Star Fox, but in typical discreet fashion made sure he got that number again.

Well, Wolf 1 wants to be with Star Fox.
They remained friends, but he wants to be with him NOW.
Star Fox is already in a situation with Wolf 2.
Wolf 2 is perfect because it is fresh and new, but he wants to take it slow.
Wolf 1 is calling Star Fox baby, boo, and sexy and wants to rekindle what they had.

How do you tell someone that you are already in a situation,
but you still mentally want to keep them for back up?
Just in case?
Or, do you ignore Wolf 1 for Wolf 2?
Or do you drop Wolf 2 for something more familiar?

I gave him his answer…
But I want to know what my Foxes and Wolves think…
This WILL happen to you one day.
So like I asked before…


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

21 thoughts on “The Wolf Who Wants To Take It Slow -or- The Wolf Who Wants You NOW?”

  1. On some real shit, I have a wolf friend in a similar situation and he just dates (and fucks) them both until he can figure out which one he wants. I doubt they know about each other.

    I don’t think a fox is capable of that though.

    I think SF knows which he wants, but like the rest of us he isn’t used to having more than one viable option so you find yourself second guessing yourself.

      1. Not one that isn’t a hoe to begin with.

        Show me a fox that’s casually dating different dudes for an extended period and I’ll see a fox that probably isn’t really interested in any of them.

  2. Well since they are all friends he can take it slow with both until he makes his decision. Cause you never know what can happen with either wolf. I wouldn’t sleep with either until I was sure cause they both could say duces and he stuck like us. And in time the decision will b made for him. S/N star fox had 2 wolves and I can even find the scent of one smh

    1. ^Star Fox can’t stay held down for too long!

      I agree with you.
      He is on top right now and 1 wrong move will push him into singledom.
      So he has to make sure that with each other,
      he needs to play a good card.

  3. Not to sound cynical… but, “ATL” is all I have to say… 90% of the wolves in that cesspool has at least 2 1/2 foxes there, even those who seem sincere… so Star Fox should play that playa role for at least a year with both… (IMO)

  4. #whoisjamarifox :
    ^maybe he is keeping his options open?
    Y’all Wolves can be flakey at times, ya know lol

    Still, when a fox is into a wolf everyone else fades into the background. All of your attention, fantasies, and energy are on him. Ya’ll can’t help it. lol

    1. ^ I’m literally :-O

      But you do make a valid point so I won’t hurl a tomato at you.
      Foxes need to STOP this and have a new game plan because these Wolves are low key on to us.


  5. I think he should stay with Wolf 2, he’s fresh and plus he has been talking to him before he reconnected to his old flame.

  6. I would let 1 know that I’m in a situation with 2, but reiterate to him that he has a chance to be with me and maybe even caress his dick thru his clothes so that he knows it’s real, and so that i could get a discount at the store he works at!! But definitely feed him with a long handled spoon.. As i wait to see what’s really gonna happen with 2 and is that going anywhere cuz it seem as if he might be on some let’s be serious type shit.. And that’s a good look.. To enter the new year, with a new acquaintance and new possibilities, and a new store discount!

  7. If he’s not committed to/sleeping with either one, then there is nothing wrong with dating and seeing where it goes. Just cuz it’s new doesn’t mean it’s better. Neither one is tryna sex him just yet.

    However, I agree w/Jay that y’all tend to throw your hat in the ring fairly quickly — we can tell when you’re all in…even if it’s not been established as exclusive lol

  8. I am in this situation now and my perspective of it is that I’m cool and partially intimate with them. We mostly kiss and thats all, but I just let them know that I’m looking for commitment and I sorta make it known that I’m free game, but in my opinion I’d say my advice for star fox is too keep wolf 1 at arms reach, like keep the convo and stuff platonic, and wholesome. I mean if they are friends then they can enjoy each other company without the pretense.

    I think that we all have to look at the signs that wolf 2 has done in order to build something special with our fellow fox, they meet on bgc and then he paused/shut down his profile (1 point wolf 2), and he wants to take it slow or take is time rather to make sure its real, which is admirable (2 points wolf 2). He has been consistent (3points wolf 2) I think this is honestly a test from life to see if he is able to not repeat the past and look to the future and many of us dont do this. We go to what we know because of the fear of uncertainty I call it karma and divine plan, because if it didn’t work out for whatever reason good, badd or indifferent its because it wasn’t in your plan.Furthermore if its meant to be than he will still be there after (prayfully it doesn’t) wolf 2 and star fox doesn’t work out.

  9. If Wolf 1 is calling you baby and boo this early thats usually a red flag for me. Men who do that tend to speed through things quickly and you’re left wondering what happened when he cools off. Definitely keep him at an arm’s distance and get to know Wolf 2. However, Its tough down there in the A-town so just because he froze his BGC down mean he isn’t on other sites or ALREADY has foxes on the side he can call up in a moments notice. Chances are if hes fine hes most likely talking to about 2 to 4 other foxes. But its good that Wolf 2 made an effort to show hes interested in something serious. Wolf 1 coming back into the picture and wanting to jump into something so soon doesn’t sound like its not coming from a healthy place. But star fox should try and juggle both to see which one works out. They’ll show their true colors eventually…

  10. YngBlkWolf :
    However, I agree w/Jay that y’all tend to throw your hat in the ring fairly quickly — we can tell when you’re all in…even if it’s not been established as exclusive lol

    Its the Bread & Birdseed theory.

    Wolves throw birdseed around and don’t really care who it lands on. They’ll get multiple numbers and talk to multiple foxes just so that they know they can choose whomever on their own time. It about keeping things light. Foxes throw bread at the ones they like. They focus their attention on one so they he’s aware of the fox’s serious interest.

    1. ^this is why we don’t have a lot of conquests.
      maybe we should stop giving our all to one and entertain multiples until one steps up and shows he is serious?
      but i feel that would be so messy LOL
      you and him got a harem that may get clingy and cause stalkers.

      1. The point of throwing birdseed is so that you don’t really have to choose one. If we were all doing that then there would be no reason to get serious at all. Keeping your options open is about being non-commital and this is the mainstay of being emotionally unavailable and creating limited experiences that keep you ‘safe’. If you’re keeping your options open and sitting on the fence dating several people, how can you be emotionally available enough to get to know these people and determine whether you can date one? Plus, you’ll probably experience times when you think you want a relationship with one of them but you’ll agonise about killing off the other attention sources and feel nervous about committing.

        And then you have to ask yourself if you want to perpetuate the very behaviour that drives you insane when you’re on the receiving end of it?

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