When I Grow Up I Want To Be A Kid Again

To be a young cub again…

Christmas actually meant something when we were kids.
You believe that a fat older man slid down a chimney…
Well wait, for many of us, we didn’t have chimneys because I know I had none…
So, a fat older man who knew how to pick locks…
walked in and planted mysterious presents under a tree.
I heard that he even went in the fridge and ate our milk and cookies too!

It was what made us eager to get up in the morning to see if we were good or not.
And for the next couple days, time went by slowly because we had a week-long vacation to do whatever.
Cartoons, video games, toys, and all you can eat from the fridge.
Sounded like the perfect vacation package to me.

Do you miss being a kid?

As we get older, the holidays start to not feel the same anymore.
As a kid, we receive so much free crap that will probably mean nothing in the coming months.
As an adult though, unless we are still spoiled, we have to come out-of-pocket for a majority of presents.
Some of us like to skip Christmas all together for the next holiday train.
New years?

Even getting together as a family was far more exciting.
We hung around with our younger relatives, while our older counterparts seem to get along.
We could expect mountains of food like we were at an all you can eat buffet.
But as soon as we are able to understand “family drama”, we realize that things were not always as they seem.
So there is, of course, more fighting and more secrets being exposed.

I haven’t had a family get together since my parents passed away.
They were always around back then and it was a blessing to see them.
Now, they barely know I am alive.
The ones that were close don’t even check on me to see if I’m okay,
and because of that I return the favor.
It is cool because I am doing so much better being alone than I did when they were in my life.
But it would be nice to get a phone call to wish me a Merry Christmas or a Happy Holiday.

So the day after Christmas, I started to think about that feeling of being a kid again.
It felt safe and everyday was an adventure.
You could wake up at 12:00 in the afternoon and plan your day of whatever the fuck you felt like.
Weren’t those the good days?
Nowadays, it seems that we become robots to work and paying bills.
Some of us yearn for that adventure again.
I know I am and I am sure the future will supply me with it.
But it made me wonder on when did we lose our youth and things got serious?
Some can say when we put a drink to our lips and started doing adult things…
When we were younger, we wanted to be older.
When we are older, we dream to be younger…

At what point did we grow up and things changed?

11 thoughts on “When I Grow Up I Want To Be A Kid Again

  1. I aint gonna lie, I miss playing with my lil toys, watching cartoons and tearing open my gifts on Christmas day. The holidays are different as we get older. When we were kids, it was all about toys and fun. Now as adults we celebrate Christmas for the reason that we are supposed to, the birth of christ. Now when we get gifts, it’s usually something that is mature for our age. That’s just what happens when you get older.

  2. Its when you start working a job and realizing that you are grown is when Christmas looses its zing. I can’t lie I miss watching the Christmas soecials in tv and getting presents but once I started getting money and buying gifts I was like fuckit pass the holiday blunt. S/N Christmas has always been incom taxes in my house LOL

    1. ^that wonderful time is coming up!
      Income tax season.
      Where you get back what you spend.
      Can you just smell the endless shopping in the air?

      That should be a personal holiday lol

  3. Awwww J…*hugg*
    The holidays take on a different meaning when we get older. It’s more about family and giving. I definitely miss being a kid tho *sigh* no bills…no responsibility…no bs niggas

  4. College. Once that started everything meant less. The “holi” fell off and they’re all just regular days. I miss the television shows, music, and overall style of the 90s when i was growing up. Oh and the things that would stress me out were different and fewer.I’m not one of those people who look back and say i was stupid for feeling that way because what I’m going through now is much worse. I don’t discount the things that i was going through back then as insignificant because they meant something real to me. But now that i discovered boys and ones who are interested in me things have gotten a lot more interesting.

    1. ‘^these days a day off from our duties means ” REST”.
      I spent the last few days relaxing in bed; doing nothing.
      I got invites to go out but I would rather chill.
      It would have been great to invite someone special over,
      pretend my bed was a tent,
      and never leave unless we had to pee.
      That would have made me feel like a kid again… ya know?

      1. You’re not suppose to feel that way, remember? They said you’re suppose to say I will make a tent by myself and be content with that and not worry about inviting someone over because I dont need a man to make me feel good AND THEN the man of your dreams will come knocking on your door asking for a cup of sugar and you’ll invite him in and it’ll be the beginning of the end of your singledom..

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