i still like their song, “stay with me”

so sam smith is “they” now.
don’t call him “he” or even “she“.
they doesn’t go by that any longer.

They has changed them pronouns

this is what they had to font on their instagram

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The NEW New Yawk

its amazing how much new yawk has changed over the years.
i heard everyone talking about it,
and giving reasons why they left/leaving,
but i stayed in my own routine to really understand.
it’s amazing what you see when your eyes start to open.
even with you as an animal within this concrete forest.
the pretty vixen and i met up to hang out…
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How The Past Can Come Back and Make You Say, “Oh Good Lord”.

tumblr_m0ydi6rpIK1r79v1so1_500going back to your past can bring closure or new beginnings.
all of us have doors we haven’t closed yet,
or ones that are half way open.
in some instances,
it’s best to pack up and move out the entire house completely.
it was a surprise to me when i saw someone from my past illuminate my phone.
i was completely in shock.
what was i in for?…

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When I Grow Up I Want To Be A Kid Again

To be a young cub again…

Christmas actually meant something when we were kids.
You believe that a fat older man slid down a chimney…
Well wait, for many of us, we didn’t have chimneys because I know I had none…
So, a fat older man who knew how to pick locks…
walked in and planted mysterious presents under a tree.
I heard that he even went in the fridge and ate our milk and cookies too!

It was what made us eager to get up in the morning to see if we were good or not.
And for the next couple days, time went by slowly because we had a week-long vacation to do whatever.
Cartoons, video games, toys, and all you can eat from the fridge.
Sounded like the perfect vacation package to me.

Do you miss being a kid?

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