The NEW New Yawk

its amazing how much new yawk has changed over the years.
i heard everyone talking about it,
and giving reasons why they left/leaving,
but i stayed in my own routine to really understand.
it’s amazing what you see when your eyes start to open.
even with you as an animal within this concrete forest.
the pretty vixen and i met up to hang out…

well she literally came to my crib at 5pm and dragged me outside.
if she would have asked me when it’s 20 degrees,
i probably wouldn’t have answered my door.
if i know her,
she doesn’t do anything unless it’s 50 and above.
yesterday was 64-ish.
spring seems to be rolling around the corner quite quickly.
we took the train down to union square and started walking around.
the pretty vixen loves to walk around new yawk alone.
she explores the giant forest and learns a lot,
so it’s nothing when we get together and walk around.
as we animal-watched,
she turned and said to me:

“have you noticed a current trend?”

i did.
there was a shit ton of interracial couples.
black wolves + snow bunnies.

but i’m ignoring it.”

it was hard not to tho.
i saw the finest wolves with the most basic snow bunnies.
i did see one or two,
black on black
but that was about it.

as we walked and talked about everything,
we ended up at the village at about 9-ish.
i haven’t been down to the village since star fox was alive.
the last time we went there,
it was a late night at like 2009-ish.
230am or so.
we had fun,
but i was so scared to be spotted down there.
he was a lot more brave.
my own insecurities,
but going down there made me uncomfortable.
now i’m out of fucks in 2017,
i was the one to ask her if she wanted to go down there.


the last time i went down there,
it was nothing but ratchet hyenas all over the place.
all races.
they were so loud,
you could hear them barking a mile away.
i think that was what made me uncomfortable.
i was in for a shock.



there were hardly any blacks down there anymore.
it was all hipsters and upper class whites.
gyms and coffee shops on every corner.
the straights also seemed to have taken over what was once a “gay” area.
it was still pretty gay,
but i saw so many white straight couples it was pretty ridiculous.
the pretty vixen saw how in shock i was.

“well this is the new new yawk jamari.
everything has changed now.”

“well shit!
where do all the black folks hang out?”

some places in harlem.
it’s changed now.

it’s funny how everything that was once fun has been gentrified.
i deal with it enough in harlem,
but to see it down in the village was pretty eye opening.

we ended up at a diner and just talked into 12am.
she told me about her experiences and what’s changed.
how clubs and restaurants she use to frequent have all been shut down.
it was sad to hear what new yawk has become.
the pretty vixen plans on re-introducing me to this new forest called “new yawk”.
this summer is going to be an interesting one.
i’m ready for it.

lowkey: i don’t know what has happened,
but the amount of wolves who eye fucked me yesterday.
the one couldn’t stop breaking eye contact with me as he walked with this vixen.
i got about 3 who said:

“wow he is handsome”

…as i walked by.
i finally saw what everyone who walks next to me saw.
i always thought they were looking at them.
i’m ready to start putting myself out there again.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “The NEW New Yawk”

  1. Jamari you seem to not go out much. The Village has been gentrified for years now. The scene is practically DEAD, The Village is no longer the ‘gay spot’ in NYC drawing tourist and spectators .

    You ask where do they play? Brooklyn, Atlanta and Washington DC. Thats where the boys play. House parities are the preferred choice of meet and greet. Yes Langston is still forever there on Thursday nights. Mandingo host still has his sex parties in Brooklyn otherwise they go to DC and Hotlanta to party.

    Actually the City is DEAD to gay life except for private parties. Brooklyn although not plentiful has more discreet spots.. Maybe you might find some action in Chelsea Manhattan but you will find there is also gentrified. It is pretty frightening that the City is now almost gay purified for night spots and spectacle. Thankfully Gays know how to survive and so they now go to the mountain instead of the mountain coming to them.

    As for the snow bunnies , get use to the shifting demographics. I am sure you heard that in the next 20 or so years the color of the american populace will be caramel and you will have to look hard for a caucasian. It has already started to Toronto and London. Europe is already very much comfortable with the changing coloring of their society. As we move from one generation to the next social problems will take on a different attitude with its own prejudices. No longer will there be white against blacks , rather it will be the whites against their own kind as if to blame them for the coloring of their ever so loving white race.

    1. ^after star fox died,
      i was depressed for many years.
      when he was here,
      we were everywhere.
      it has changed since then.

      is the dl population still high?
      or have they all left too?

  2. I feel like everything you said about gentrification is the reason why I SHOULDN’T have left Crown Heights. These white people moving in and sterilizing all the culture out of all of the majority black neighborhoods. The spanish neighborhoods are gonna be harder to take over because The Hispanic populations of NYC own businesses in thier neighborhood and practice group economics. Same with the Asian neighborhoods in Queens and Brooklyn. In order to keep these neighborhoods ethnic and cultural, we need to acquire more businesses of substance and do business WITHIN those communities that look like the people living there.

    1. ^” In order to keep these neighborhoods ethnic and cultural, we need to acquire more businesses of substance and do business WITHIN those communities that look like the people living there.”

      you said it.
      it’s amazing how we will own something and sell it.
      carol’s daughter did that with her product and it’s not the same.
      when she made it from her kitchen,
      i heard the quality was amazing.
      now it’s being made by a massive corporation,
      it’s a shell of it’s former self.
      that hair milk literally sat on my head when i tried it.

    2. Not hardly, Hispanics and Asians sell out to whitey quicker than we ever could. They live for white supremacy. And don’t even get me started on the greedy Haisidics who leech off of everything. The way they milk the system is disgusting and should be outlawed.

  3. I went to New York last year at the beginning of fall but I guess my experience was different as I stayed in Harlem. What surprised me was the the number of Snow Wolves/Vixen that were all over Harlem. I heard it was the hot spot in NYC according to locals I talked too. This gentrification thing is going on all over the country in large urban areas which use to be home to so many African Americans. We are slowly being put out of our neighborhoods. I study these types of things as a hobby and I have noticed in my own city how parts of town that use to be horrible are all of a sudden the hottest addresses. It is amazing that Whites will pour money into an area when they want other whites to move in, all those years of neglect when the area was Black suddenly get a heavy investment of capital when whites decide they want to live in a certain area. They come in slowly buying everything up at bargain basement prices and before you know it, most of our people cant afford the area anymore. I was a victim of gentrification about fifteen years ago when I was a young 20 something homeowner who got a good deal on a piece of property, after a couple of years the area started changing and the prices of home skyrocketed. I moved and got a nice return but I was lucky. I hardly recognize my old neighborhood as so many businesses are over there now, things we beg for when I lived there. It was a mixed area now of course its mostly Snow. If I could have afforded to hold on, I would probably be well off from my property ownership alone. Such is life and you live an you learn. I am older and wiser now and I am going to beat them at their game. Many Black professionals are buying the block now and moving back in areas that we once shun for the glamorous life of the Suburbs. Detroit is real hot right now, and if it was not so cold there, I have seriously thought about relocating. You can get real estate for a steal. You heard it here first in 10years it is going to be all white again. Brooklyn is a perfect example of what happened in NYC and I see Harlem and the Bronx are not far behind. It is too much property and too many people for these places not to pop again. I would encourage all in the foxhole if they live in an urban area especially Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Charlotte, Nashville try to buy you a piece of real estate even in hood areas get in before you are shut out. Most of the hoods in urban areas are close to the downtown city centers and many cities are re-investing in their downtown areas making hood areas that were abandon in the past a good investment.

    Now on to the absence of so many things available for us, it is like that were i live, no more black owned gay clubs they are all closed. We have no Black gay own anything in my city, if we do I am not aware of it. Sadly I hear this all over the country. Even as Black gay men we wont support our own in anything, the game has changed. I am noticing a shift that most Black gays and Black str8s are actually hanging out at some of the same venues, it is like everybody is just going to spots that are Black friendly regardless of orientation. My new thing is just hanging with 4 close male friends and going to spots both gay and str8. Personally I have left a lot of the gay theme clubs and parties alone, too much ratchet behavior with young black gay dudes

    1. ^oh harlem is a fuckin hot mess!
      it’s so disrespectful what it has become.
      the snow vixens moved here and hold their purses tight.

      i remember someone telling me how in bk,
      they were celebrating michael jackson’s birthday.
      they were playing music in this park and having a good time.
      you know the whites called the police and it shut down.
      that is the norm in black neighborhoods to do this kind of thing.
      no complaints.
      they move in and they start changing our shit.
      my home wolf told me his new snowy neighbors called the police on him for sitting on his own stairs.

      we as a whole race need to stop hating on each other because we will lose this battle.
      we can’t just come together when things are going bad.
      it’s like we are allergic to supporting each other.

  4. @jamari Hell’s Kitchen has replaced the village. The village got too expensive and folks started moving uptown.

    Also, we need a few more fashion entries. Outfits for the coming season

    1. ^ima have to check out hell’s kitchen.
      i been around there before and it was decent.
      a lot of discreet/dl wolf/fox black couples.

      since i have more free time,
      will do!

  5. Also, Angel, in Harlem, is gay central a night/day or two. There’s even a steady DJ, Damian something, who caters specifically to said crowd.

  6. So glad to hear this positive outlook from you Jamari.

    Even tho things are changing it doesn’t t mean you can’t make new great experiences. Love that you’re there blog about putting yourself out there to what ever life has for you.

  7. The sad thing is Atlanta is on its way to being gentrified to. They have two three tour buses driving through the the black neighborhoods on real estate tours. Atlanta has held off for a very long time from selling land off from under people. But with the selling of underground Atlanta, the visible redline they crossed in the early 2000s. Has now had both feet put over it. Downtown Atlanta is a circle they now have 59% of that circle. Hell they call Bankhead south buckhead now

    1. Biggest misconception is that people that live in NYC is always on the go, when fact of the matter is. Most of them just do what most people do, go to work, go home and/or run errands. The basics.

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