A DL Rapper Wolf Gets Exposed By A Jackal (What’s New?)

B_wKEMaU8AIHsmAthis following story proved my point.
so everyone meet yung trizzy trill.
he is an aspiring rapper.
i think that is about to come crashing down.
well apparently and allegedly,
he was caught way out there.
the jackal he was messing with him on the low decided to out him.
on facebook of all places.
well an f-bi sent me a video and screen grabs and well…
(the following is NSFW,
and “not for the straights”…)





















28uo6ts goodbye to that career as a rapper.
i forgot to mention he has a baby mama and cubs as well.
apparently the jackal in question,
markeith rivers from north carolina,
has had several facebook groups where he was exposing his conquests.

this is all a mess.
the details are still fuzzy as to why this all happened,
but i’m sure its some fuck shit.
someone on twitter posted this:

Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 2.11.12 PMsmh.
i do feel sorry he got outed,
because no one deserves that,
but he serves as another lesson for the dl wolves.
you lay with jackals and you’ll end up getting fleas.

lowkey: does this also make you hesitant going to someone crib?
its like you gotta wonder “where the camera at”?

video from: facebook

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

52 thoughts on “A DL Rapper Wolf Gets Exposed By A Jackal (What’s New?)”

  1. DAMN!!! I just spilled coffee all over myself, and it’s messy af. LMAO..He released a video clip on that ass. It’s real for a downlow dude out in the streets lol. Like my old principal told me the many times I got in trouble on the bus, the camera doesn’t lie lol. “Yep, it was me, you got me.”

    Some of y’all love them girly boys tho LMAO…Who tryin to be honest?

    1. ^they like to fuck them…
      and then be regretting it.
      sometimes not tho.
      we all serve some purpose to someone in this life.
      everyone gets a chance to eat out here.

      i use to feel like the queens got what i liked in wolves,
      but as i write for this site,
      i see that they are “low hanging fruit”.
      thanks jay for that example lol

    2. Not I Man! I mean it’s ok to let loose a little when smashing maybe but hands on hips and feminine gestures turn me off. Lol

      He can be into fashion and I’ll even let a masculine hairstylist slide, but if he’s into make up and wearing women’s clothes it’s a no go lol

  2. Yo, it’s both foul and sad that people feel the need to do stuff like this. I’m sure he (Markeith, is it?) knew what he was getting into when he started messing that kat. Evidently somewhere in the course of their dealings, he probably felt he would be the one to change dude’s mind. When it didn’t happen, he became a bitter bitch, for lack of a better term. Stuff like this is what makes me hesitant about long-term relations with dudes. Even if you find a “good one” you never know their true state of mind. All it takes is one wrong thing…and everything falls apart.
    But to answer your other question…yes, it does make you hesitant to fuck at someone else’s crib!! LOL
    Back in the day you didn’t have to worry about that, but these days you’ll be worrying and/or wondering if you’ll see your ass/dick on the net somewhere at some point!

  3. Not cool at all. I don’t care what anyone says no one deserves to be outed. I truly don’t understand what anyone gets out of outing another individual. This lil jackal better watch his back in the streets now.

    1. I agree with Eric, that’s just low down and trifling. You should not kiss and tell. It’s no body business, but the two people involved. there’s a lesson to be learned out of all of this. Be careful out there!!!!

  4. Outing someone is just nasty and foul–unless that person is anti-gay in their public life like a minister or a politician. Such hypocracy should be disclosed.

    The bigger lesson is about the prevalence of cameras. When you go for that midnight hook-up, smile you may be on candid camera. In fact of friend of mine told me of a friend of his in Atlanta who routinely took video of he and his hook-ups having sex at his place. The video was taken without knowledge or consent. Be careful out there.

    1. Speaking of politicians ,anti gay former Republican Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert just got exposed for paying hush money to a male student he sexually abused when he was a teacher.Last week an anti gay minister was exposed for having a profile on Grindr.I can’t stand hypocrites.

  5. I just googled Markeith Rivers he has about 10 mugshots You can also google his arrest records(several assaults).I wonder if this rapper knew about his criminal history and or his history of exposing guys.Google is your friend.People need to do a little research on the people they are hooking up with so you won’t be blindsided.Personally I have my county district clerk website bookmarked.I can check arrest records,marriages and divorce records,civil,criminal records,mugshots,voter’s registration.It’s all public information.You can also do State searches .

  6. I dont understand y these dl wolves dont understand that its only matter of time when playin wit these jackals. It happens all the time yet these niggas still act like it cant happen to them. Thats y i ask wolves about their history cuz u wont be carrying me out with yo ass if an ex jackal tries to get u.

  7. And the sad thing all these females on his Facebook page Praising him like he did something good that makes me mad now I’m really not going to a dudes house now and the dl dude accepted my instagram request he seems cool now I’m pissed off again these trades really gonna be paranoid

  8. OH MARKEITH – he is a dangerous QUEEN! He is known down here in Charolette for exposing down low hood boys. He makes them take pictures and then posts them in his private Facebook chats. He has messed with some cute ass boys and have exposed them all!!! Most don’t know that he does this. They think he keeping their secrets but he telling ALL! This won’t end well for him because he is about due to get his ass best for this scandalous ways.

  9. This is so fucking MESSY, smh and the sad part is you can tell they had some sort of connection from watching the video. Why do people feel the need to get revenge on people? Karma is there for a reason what goes around comes around if it truly needs to.

  10. In my thottin days(I’m DELIVERT now lol), I almost always went to their spot, BUT, I had watched enough xtube videos with the camera hidden to know the game. I would never fuck or let them suck me where they directed me to, if they said lets go to the bedroom Id say I want to be on the couch and so on.

    Always do a scan of the area for any electronic devices and never do anything on the edge of the bed. Classic mistake lol

  11. Yeah way too much small talk going on too lol.

    Smh I’ve grown because Id never sit on anyone’s bed that isn’t made and doesn’t appear clean. Screams whorehouse to me lol

    He looks cunt as hell and doesn’t even look fine enough to take a risk on lol

  12. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again; never fuck with someone who doesn’t have something to lose.

  13. Is it me or a lot of jackals are ugly as fuck? I think my mom is right cause she always tell me “Don’t get involved with uglies cause they’re trouble makers” and I see it!

  14. Damn this is so messed up but its happening everyday. I had my own jackal scandal about 2 months ago, some jackal and I still dont know who, but it was someone I sent pics about 2 years ago on a hook up site no doubt, he kept them and created a dummy ad along with my phone number and it was a nightmare, I went through hell trying to have the ad removed along with having dudes texting me day and night. The jackal sent me a message laughing about it and said they were going to expose me and ruin me. I was shook and couldnt sleep for a whole week, but finally had to let it go and not worry, it taught me an important lesson about trusting these dudes you meet online, my Thottin ways got the best of me. This dude is going to get his in a big way because you cant play with people psyche like that and not expect repercussions. I myself was ready to put some hurt on this dude who did this to me if I had known who he was.

  15. He is not gay he was set up Bruh threatened is life basically. there is nomore video clips that’s the only one he didn’t let him suck his dick if you really pay attention to the video you can tell and the only reason the shit hit the fan cause the gay boy got mad cause he couldn’t fuck with him but trust me Bruh not gay

  16. He is not gay he was set up Bruh threatened is life basically. there is nomore video clips that’s the only one he didn’t let him suck his dick if you really pay attention to the video you can tell and the only reason the shit hit the fan cause the gay boy got mad cause he couldn’t fuck with him but trust me Bruh not gay

    1. Lol you can’t be serious! He’s bisexual. To reach his own but that’s who he is. He likes the tunnel and the tube

  17. He’s engaged and has kids and everything,he should be exposed for being on the DL!Whatever his sexual orientation is is fine that’s his
    Choice but the woman or women he is
    Invovled with have the right to know so they can decide if they still want to continue on with him.Should of been honest. I have no sympathy,to many diseases and killing and things going on.To bad it’s many other DL men that are not getting exposed….people are hollering he’s not gay he got setup BS complete BS I didn’t see a gun to his head but I did see him take off his clothes and pull his dick out and even if the man didn’t suck it u already did all that and now your not gay,no straight man is about to even do that much

  18. People must be mindful of what and who they deal with! This BITCH is something serious to expose that guy like that if she end up smelling in a ditch some where no questions need to be asked!!

  19. He did more then get head, that nigga got FUCKED in his ass boy… Leave markeith alone he helping these dumb ass women out who be making a life, family with these downlow men. Shit I’m team #Markeith

  20. That’s not the same person. This dude in the video Doesn’t have a chest tattoo but the one in the picture dose. The dude in the video has a tattoo on his right arm. The dude in the video don’t. So it two different people. Just saying

  21. This entire video is digitally enhanced. That’s a hologram of Trizzy Trill! I can’t believe you all are so gullible!

    He should’ve used this as an excuse

  22. That is a messy ass queen. I will never understand bitches like this. For one, you messing up the action for the rest of us, ;). Two, who the hell gave you the authority to force this man to ‘keep it real”. This punk of all people should realize how hard it is for some of us to come out, if we ever do. Miss Thang, is not going to be blessed. And while I don’t want her to get killed or some b.s. like that, but she definitely needs to be taught a lesson. Triflin hoe.

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