Yung Trizzy Trill Bends Over Backwards (Literally?)

JCpDTOB0well there is a couple twists in this “yung trizzy trill/raging jackal” scandal.
so remember how it was just him getting dome?
also remember how people came in the foxhole to defend him?
remember someone said the jackal got mad because they didn’t do anything?
well the kind folks of twitter linked me to this picture this morning.
its a screen shot from the rest of the video and welllllllll….
(this picture is DEF NSFW,
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A DL Rapper Wolf Gets Exposed By A Jackal (What’s New?)

B_wKEMaU8AIHsmAthis following story proved my point.
so everyone meet yung trizzy trill.
he is an aspiring rapper.
i think that is about to come crashing down.
well apparently and allegedly,
he was caught way out there.
the jackal he was messing with him on the low decided to out him.
on facebook of all places.
well an f-bi sent me a video and screen grabs and well…
(the following is NSFW,
and “not for the straights”…)
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