Yung Trizzy Trill Strikes Back

B_xSWMaUIAAmIKboh wow.
so i guess yung trizzy trill made a new ig,
made it private,
and decided to clap back at his jackal…
















yeah definitely

Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 6.43.12 PMwelp on lighter news…
i’m glad the foxhole’s view is watching this scandal from the top.

5J3afNzlowkey: his whole clap back seems contradictory.
he said “cum suck it again”,
but “stop telling lies to my bm”.
this is the time you shut your social media off and go ignore.
everything does not need a response.
but again…

low hanging fruit.

taken: instagram

update: so the alleged response may be fake.
still sniffin’ around with this story.
the f-bi is also on it so we sha’ll see what develops!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

46 thoughts on “Yung Trizzy Trill Strikes Back”

      1. Yes I actually know him I swear that’s a fake page somebody is pretending to be him. I talked to him today.

      2. He has been quiet about the whole situation he deleted his real IG it didn’t get hacked. That’s a fake page.

      3. You have to realize that this has ruined his life. I had to talk him out of killing himself. Nobody deserves this real shit. I’m not trying to give my identity up but I’m very close with him. This is just messed up. The guy in the video has been blackmailing him all week. He felt like he was backed into a corner. Nothing went on between them that’s why the video is so short. He got mad because Trill wasn’t into it that’s why he did all of this. He ruined that mans life.

        1. ^see that is sad and absolutely disgusting.
          I hate to hear he nearly took his life.
          this is what I hate about spiteful people of all orientations.

          now ill be honest with you…
          yung should have known better.
          that jackal was obvious.
          now i don’t know if the fox population in charlotte is at an all time low but….
          he needs to start re-evaluating his choices.
          this could have prevented.

          well what’s done is done.
          we can’t change the past.
          he is in the middle of a huge social media scandal.
          my advice:

          every scandal lasts a good week.
          someone else is going to take the spotlight soon.
          yung is going to have to lay low and let this blow over.
          no tweeting or instagramming.
          no clap backs.
          he needs also come to terms he likes to mess with dudes.
          his career may take the “L”,
          but there are many other careers he can get in the entertainment industry.
          looking for talent?
          he may not be in the spotlight,
          but that doesn’t mean he can’t make some bread out here.

          every jackal has his day.
          if this is played right,
          he can end up looking like the victim and the jackal will look like the enemy.
          he already has a past compliment of Google.
          it’s time to shine the light on it.

          tell him I wish him well.

      4. I am speaking on the Trizzy gay rumors and the story. I have worked with the artist and also became close friends. Very respectful and blunt dude. I was around him during the week this story hit social media. I have seen all the evidence of him being blackmailed by this guy and the girl GINA Z. who sent this Markeith guy pics of Trill. I am here to speak THE TRUTH ONCE AND FOR ALL! Yes Trill made a HUGE mistake by trying to handle the situation on his on. He was too embarrassed to share it with anyone and did not want anyone or anything to stop his success in his music career. HONESTLY, he should have just let this guy do whatever with the nude pics he had of him. But to clear ALL OF THE RUMORS about this man… HE IS NOT GAY! And for MORE EXCLUSIVE information on the things THAT YOU DONT KNOW about the scandal Trill will be doing an interview on the scandal, addresses gay rumors, and talks about what’s the next move for him. STAY TUNED because its about to get REALLY DEEP! He has new music as well: I salute him, because this hasn’t stopped him not one bit.

    1. There may be fake pages, but the evidence isn’t. The video, the pics, his fiances confirmation. I saw the video, him talking, and the pocs. His best friend was also exposed a little while back. All the naked pics are out..

      1. It’s not a fake page… It’s not a fake story follow my Ig Kimmie_stacks the pic with him laying on his stomach with a dick markeith’s dick to be exact in his ass….I agree with the last comment get em Markeith

  1. I have a feeling Markeith will double down and provide more receipts.He is messy like Peanut they don’t like to be called liars.

  2. My lil brother stays in Charlotte and he said that this is a real scandal. He said that the Jackal did receive a phone call from the baby mama and he told her that the rapper was giving him money, and she confronted her man. I think this is his real response and is admitting to receiving head but never paying for it. This is one hot ghetto mess.

    1. I saw the video and they discussed what he was going to do to the Trizzy boy, then pulled out a large batch of condoms, let Trizzy pick. Trizzy acknowledged that he was being recorded and the boy promised not to show anyone. Then the oral began. They also have shots not photos hopped of him bent over. His fiance has vocally expressed all this on fb daily. It seemed business like because when do you have sex and discuss what is gonna be done, pick out your own condom and then tell the boy how you got robbed last time…..

  3. Oh shut up dude. You got caught, take the L and go into a corner.

    This is the only time you will hear me say I’m a sweet fruit lol. Nice and ripe.

    LMAO@ground fruit. HA!!

  4. I hope this is a fake page because if it isn’t , this is not going to help. I say go away for awhile .

  5. Ok I know im going to get a lot of flak for saying this but this is why I dont mess with feminine guys. I dont trust them as far as I can throw them. Does anybody notice the trend here?
    Every outing recently has been from some scorned fem dude (Kerry Rhodes, Mister Cee, Hank Baskett, etc.)

    I’m just saying……

    1. Messiness runs in some masculine guys as well (i.e. Chris Brown, ASAP Rocky, Ray J, etc.). So don’t put us all in the same box

      1. Agree Troy, I think it’s unfair to label every guy that has feminine traits as messy or drama. Anyone can cause mess.

      2. ^This. Anyone can be messy. Jackals make it hard for the fems that mind their business and don’t follow the stereotypes of this messy BS.

    2. I totally agree …. This why a lot of men stay clean away from gays dudes for this ignorant mess …it makes no sense at al,

  6. I’m sorry but I find it hard to believe Trizzy’s career was going anywhere. He probably was just like a millions of wannabe’s that saw rapping as the only way to to make a decent living. He was probably gonna be treading water at best.

    He need to try to relocate, do a little soul searching and press reset on his life.

    1. OPM…he was probably one of the local well-known rappers. Big in his community, but not outside of it.

  7. Fems have a higher probability of outing a DL kat than a masculine one. Two masculine brothers who enjoy each other know they both have something to lose by outing one another. A fem has nothing to lose as the world knows he is gay and is out to the world. The thing with fems is they are highly sexualized and give good buss in the bedroom. Once they feel scorned that inner “female” comes out and looks for revenge and destruction. It’s known that women will key a man’s car or destroy his property when she is hurt. A fem will destroy a man’s reputation when he is hurt. It doesn’t even have to be a man he is letting fuck. Look how they treat their friends. Most fights and drama always involve fems in some way. If I’m wrong then feel free to correct me. I’m just speaking what’s been proven by society and other examples of men being outed. Chris Brown and ASAP Rocky are not outing other men for being gay or DL.

    1. ASAP Rocky talking about having sex with Rita Ora ,Iggy and Rihanna in his new song is messy IMO.Real Men don’t need to broadcast to the public who they have had sex with and discuss the sex acts and which girl perform which sex acts.Chris Brown going on the radio talking about having raw sex with Rihanna and Kae is messy IMO.Ray J talking about he hit it first is messy.I believe that’s what Troy is talking about.You can talk in general but when you start naming names you are messy.

      1. Exactly! Don’t forget about the guy who allegedly caught Yung Burg with some guy then ran off at the mouth. Like why????

      1. Well the guy who outed the gospel artist Kevin Terry by releasing the BJ tape “sounded” masculine to me.There are openly gay guys who are masculine who have outed other guys.It happens.Outing people is wrong but is not only females or feminine guys that do it.

  8. This is too much for me…. Look at how they treating this dude. His life is OVER… I can’t deal

    1. He’s in the dl. If you saw the video that was posted with him getting butt a$$ naked and anticipating getting his dick sucked and nutting in the guys face(part of the convo he agreed to) you’d know He is gay. He ruined his own life by living a lie as a straight man.

      1. I totally agree. I feel no sympathy for a man who is going around posing as straight and putting his girl and children lives in danger (per STD’s) when he creeping on the DL. If you like Dick say so and give the unsuspecting partner a chance to stay or walk away. Or be willing to own that if it was to come out. If nothing else confess it to your parents and friends and your partner because they are the ones you have to face in the storm.

  9. Any man who lets another man suck his dick is gay. Any man who gets naked in front of another dude and leans back to in anticipation of getting his dick sucked is gay. Sorry not sorry but this guy is homosexual. His baby mama should run fast and get her and her kids tested. He is on the dl and her life is in danger if she stays with him. His life is over until he is honest with himself about his sexuality.

    1. I don’t agree with that.Being gay or homosexual means you are physically,emotionally,spiritually attracted to the same sex.This guy could be trade,a horny guy looking for a BJ. I would be more inclined to think he was gay if was affectionate toward the guy or if he reciprocated the BJ.Engaging in gay sex doesn’t mean you are gay anymore than engaging in straight sex makes you straight.I have a lesbian cousin who has three kids by three different guys.Having sex with those guys doesn’t make her straight.

  10. I saw the video and the pocs. They were talking and he picked out the xondom. So no Scandal on anyone bug his behalf. As well, they discussed that he was being recorded.

  11. I know this stupid ass nigga personally and He’s a fucking deadbeat. That’s what he gets for living a double life. Ole nasty ass. I knew a long time ago it was something suspect about his ass but I never had any proof. I been laughing at this shit. Don’t even take care of his kids but can break bread to get some head. Lmfao he weak and he wants people to be sorry for his ass that’s the only reason he hollering suicidr. Always wanna play victim. Him and his fat ass baby mama. That’s what both of there asses get. Its called karma

  12. It has nothing to do with dealing with a fem dude or not… BOTTOM LINE stop lying to your self and others and you wouldn’t be able to be exposed!

    1. Fuck all this bullshit. Trill a real nigga and nobody knows the real story but a hand full. I am one of them. This man is not GAY! And still at the mall pullin hoes and taking pics. He never had a fiancĂ© just a gf at the time. All of this took everyone by surprise. And for the ex girlfriend that claims she was beat up clearly likes to hop on trending bandwagons because she is lying about the incident that happened between them. After that situation occurred she was still seeing Trill and as well as having sex. But after he stops talking to you goes on about his career you see this happen to him and decide to bash him for a situation you both were wrong in and he have u a ride and you all forgave each other and that was that. It’s obvious she has been hurt by this man but that long story shows me and everyone on here how messy u are as well. That nigga Trill bickin back and bein bool about this whole incident. And his rap career is far from over. You would be surprised.

      1. He’s still GAY!!…I pray that all the women he meets doesn’t let him play in their kitty kats..

      2. You trying defend him when there’s a whole video & pic.. Give it up my anonymous friend, he’s GAY!! You can’t deny PROOF!!

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