Your a F*g; 1 Shot To Your Dome


A killing spree fueled by gay panic. A Miami man confesses to killing two men and tells police the victims “had homosexual tendencies” and made advances toward him.

Twenty-one-year-old Matthew Guzman faces murder and robbery charges in connection with the December robbery and killing of the owner of a popular tire shop, reports NBC Miami.

Paul Barrow, 46, was attacked on Dec. 16, just after opening for business. He suffered a gunshot wound to the head and his body was found by a customer later that morning. Police claim Guzman confessed to shooting Barrow and killing a second man a month earlier. Henry Ray, 64, was shot to death at his Miami home after getting into an argument with Guzman. Guzman shot the man several times before firing a final shot to Ray’s head.

WSVN adds: “Guzman told police that he killed Barrow because he believed Barrow ‘had homosexual tendencies.’ Police said Guzman told officers that Barrow recently had looked at him in an ‘inappropriate manner’ that Guzman felt was loaded with homosexual connotations. … Guzman also confessed to killing his neighbor who, he claimed, also made homosexual advances toward him.”

No word yet were the two murder victims actually gay. But at least one person apparently spends a lot of time obsessing over “homosexual advances.”

Guzman appeared in court Tuesday and was denied bond.

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Isn’t that a face only a mother would love?

Foxes and Wolves…
this is just one of the many like this.
So many men, especially black men, are so insecure when it comes to anything gay.
They will fight, rob, or kill you just when they think you are going to rub the “disease” off on them.

No other words than: BE CAREFUL.

That Wolf/Fox you may just be plotting for may be nuttier than squirrel turd.

As for home boy…
I can’t wait to see how much booty he will be getting in the big house.
Not like there is an overabundance of pussy in there.

I’m sure Big Bubba will make him feel right at home.



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6 thoughts on “Your a F*g; 1 Shot To Your Dome”

  1. Thats such a shame about the victims, nobody deserves to have their life taken, period….now he will be taking back shots fo real.

  2. He ain’t getting the booty, he WILL BE the booty…but that may be what he wanted all along – dumb f*ck

  3. That so unfortunate. Sorry for the victims families. Hatred towards homosexuals, especially from self-hating homosexuals, is what’s keeping us down.

      1. Homophobic homosexuals must be destroyed.

        Uncle Jimmy (James Baldwin for the slow foxes) said: Hatred is always self hatred, and there is something suicidal about it.

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