Your 28th Thought… (28)

I saw this picture this morning and proceeded to:

I have been so out of the loop this weekend.
It was Mother’s Day and I usually go into a state of mourning.
Yesterday wasn’t as bad, but I just felt like I needed to be alone.
Either way, I’m back… with this…


Author: jamari fox

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12 thoughts on “Your 28th Thought… (28)”

  1. Kimmy Kakes is a beard. This hoe could be fucking a billionaire Saudi prince, but she’s “with” Ye? Her body language gives it away.

    John Legend would look better (normal) beside Ye than Kimmy Kakes.

    *shots fired*

    1. Yea, she is his beard. She was Ray J’s beard also. Ray J has had rumors for many years now, and Superhead and Danger both outed him in the past. His personality sucks, but that fat ass and that chocolate body make my dick jump when I see him.

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