young buck, the trans vixen, and the response better left unsaid

young buck use to be a real snack in his prime.
now tho…

i look at him as “in-between” pipe.
when you’re in limbo waiting for “the one”,
but need some “not a challenge” dick in between time.
ya’ll know the types i’m talmbout.
i don’t know what to think about this following story tho.
a trans-vixen leaked a video that she had alleged relations with young buck.

 he decided to respond to the allegations like so….
via “the jasmine brand”

 it would’ve been in his best interest to say nothing.
that reaction doesn’t look “innocent” to me.
the trans-vixen went ahead to pour gasoline as well:

i don’t buy hers either.
sidebar: i feel like i’ve seen her videos before.
i think she may have had a tumblr.
she was messing with some sexy ass wolves too.
i get that he’s angry about what is being said,
but the story didn’t get traction until he responded.
i’m literally hearing about this today.
when the initial scandal breaks,
it’s natural that folks will gossip.
with how fast social media moves,
that forest fires eventually die out.
buck is not a big “fav” anyway.
he is d list at best.
i don’t think this is the first time i’ve heard about buck.
allegedly fonting,
but there’s been light rumors in the background.
the thing is..

Many wolves who mess with trans-vixens still identify as “straight”

they also like getting head from trans vixens as well.
( x thot god ) and ( x sweet cheekz ) are perfect examples.
i feel like 95% of the wolves they snag are straight.
i could be wrong tho.
whatever the case may be,
i’ll need folks to stop the alleged exposure for fame.
it almost never ends well.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “young buck, the trans vixen, and the response better left unsaid”

  1. So that slide show of a leak she did actually showed me nothing other than she can put together a slide show and make it seem like its buck.

    “I don’t have no problem w/ gay people…” A nigga that’s about to say something homophobic right after. Lol

    Lastly I had to turn her up cause she was whispering but I will say I don’t believe her side either none of it makes sense really & she was advertising her song mainly. This come up culture of using somebody else’s name, even if they are z list at best, doesn’t ever really work out in the long run. Using somebody and you still will lose ask Sydney star how the chingy thing worked out.

  2. I don’t know, but the men who sleep with transwomen are still straight to me. i mean they’re looking for a woman, sure a different kind of woman but still a woman so for me they’re still straight because if they wanted a man why not just get.. a man ?

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