“You Have Nice Bunz, Mah Dude”; “Thank You! Cocoa Butter!”

1372333642436324754i don’t know about you,
but “power” is the only show i am looking forward to returning.
the story line.
the acting.
the sex.
i need a rag just thinking about it.
well the “power” cast visited power 105.1 to discuss the new season.
compliments went flying,
but in an interesting twist,
charlamange complimented omari hardwick on his hard working ass-ets.
take a look…

starts at 19:20:


omari didn’t even look uncomfortable.
i found that refreshing.
it’s no lie that omari has a nice:


…but i found it interesting most straight wolves allegedly compliment him on it.
everyone started saying those complimenters may be gay,
but may be it’s just obvious that is one of omari’s best physical features.
charlamange is also being one of those wolves.
( see him compliment him again at starting at 22:50 )
i guess omari has that magic touch where both sexes are attracted to him.
he drips sex.
hell it seems 50 is under his spell as well:


…or maybe it’s okay when straight wolves do it.
omari even kissed him at 2:20.
they aren’t even putting “no homo” or “pause” anymore.
charlamange is known to say what he feels,
and is also straight,
so i guess it’s okay to comment on omari’s butt cheeks.
i do it on the foxhole and:

latesti had to wonder about males complimenting males.
is it okay if the male is checkbox: straight?
known for getting tons of pussy?
or is it that it’s a comfort issue?
do they think it’s males who fuck males wanting to fuck them?

so i had to ask…

Why does no one ever have an issue when “straight” males do gay shit?

lowkey: well fuck that,
i’m looking forward to this season and:


…and most of the foxhole is as well.
season 3,
and omari’s butt cheeks premieres sunday at 9pm on starz.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

37 thoughts on ““You Have Nice Bunz, Mah Dude”; “Thank You! Cocoa Butter!””

  1. The entire take away from this exchange seems to be something negative associated with any possibility of being gay. I would’ve been better off not watching these devolved individuals.

  2. It’s a rather sad commentary when you can’t ask a simple question without someone thinking you have an ulterior motive! LOL

    1. ^^ Yup, for some people like myself, it’s just not that serious lol. Maybe it’s just eh environment I grew up in, but life’s too short to be worrying about if someone you don’t like is “flirting” or not. Not everybody wants you, but they do want your jacket LOL! Well at least that’s my mentality.

  3. Interesting. If you smelled a cologne on someone and you liked the way it smelled, you wouldn’t ask them the name of the cologne and where they bought it? True it may not smell the same on you, based on body chemistry, but you like the smell of it anyway.
    Same thing with clothing. You see something on someone that you like, you wouldn’t ask them where they bought it?
    For me, I have no problem asking…but I see that some people have no home training and take things the wrong way. But I suspect that many guys probably do get hit on a lot, so if anyone asks them a question…they assume EVERYONE is trying to hit on them. That’s not the case.
    And people should ALWAYS be aware of how they treat people and what they say to a person….you never know who that person may be. It could be someone you’re interviewing with, or works in an office you’re visiting, or knows someone that knows you, etc.
    Doesn’t pay to be rude…especially over something so trivial.

    1. Nope. I’ve smelled some good ones too! I like it when a scent lingers lightly lol

      Even with clothes I don’t ask. I take a mental pic and research some places I can get it. Usually everyone shops at Zara, Macy’s, or H&M anyway lol

      Guys will ask me where I get my haircut or about my sneakers all the time but I can usually sense when someone’s just asking and when they want the D.

      Just by observing people in public I know that how a dude reacts depends on how attractive or intimidating you are.

  4. I don’t find Omari to be sexy. He is good looking but not really a turn on. I was pissed that they didn’t show Sinqua Walls ass-ets.

    1. I hope they give Julio (J.R. Ramirez) or Poncho (Franky G) a nude scene this season!
      Two sexy dudes right there!

  5. @ Christian: Sounds like he was just a rude person, but now that I think about it I’ve never asked a guy about his cologne no matter how good it smells and no man has ever asked me about mine and I know I smell good and have impeccable taste in cologne because women ask about it lol.

    I don’t think that’s a common practice among men to comment on cologne, stupid but true in my experience.

  6. It is nice to see all of them expressing themselves without any second thought, but these men are older, so it is not surprising. If these were dudes under 25, it would be completely different.

    We all know the masculinity of straight men is an issue, especially in the black community. When we talk about this stuff, no one mentions the part parents have in it tho. Parents surround their children in a certain environment that probably is the cause of their masculinity issues. They force them into sports, women, and other activities that are deemed as “masculine” and as these men get older, they view men who behave or enjoy certain activities that are different than theirs as outcasts. Am I wrong? As soon as they see a man styling hair, holding an umbrella, or practicing good hygiene, they want to call him gay, even though none of those things I just mentioned has nothing to do with sexuality. These same men are using all sorts of reinforcements to be positively sure their sons do not end gay because they think our community has a damn agenda. We know that a traditional upbringing and households with fathers present does not influence sexuality, shit if anything it will only make them hide it, but they swear they can prevent their children from being gay. SMH

  7. Only reason for a “straight” dude to take issue with a compliment from another dude is because he knows, suspects, fears, (or wishes) that he could be fucked. And whichever one it is…he’s probably right.. If you KNOW you aren’t taking dick, the possibility doesn’t even cross your mind…and it wouldn’t even be an issue.

    1. Flawed logic and it perpetuates the divide between gay and straight men, particularly minorities.

      Straight dudes do not take issue with compliments from every man. However, if you twisting up to me and you’re in my personal space or you touch me and you don’t know me, I’d have to check you. Hell men do the same thing if they just don’t find you attractive.

      You’ll find masculine and attractive men get away with a lot more.

      Are we Stevie Wonder to the fact there are gay men who do chase and push boundaries with heterosexual men for fun?

      1. Ok, Jay. I didn’t sashay/twist up to the dude when I asked him the name of his cologne. I was sitting in my seat on the train with my headphones on. He sat across the aisle from me. He had on so much, you couldn’t HELP but smell him.

        I said excuse me could you tell me the name of your cologne, it smells good and I’d like to buy it. Dude looked at me, sucked his teeth, rolled his eyes, and said nah, I don’t gets down like that. I had to laugh at that one. He looked and said something funny? Yeah, the fact that you think I was trying to hit on you is hilarious. And if I was into dudes…you’d be at the bottom of the list, trust. I asked you a question about something you were wearing. At what point did I say can I get your number or anything even remotely to say I’m interested in you like that.
        If someone gives you a compliment, you can say thank you. What you did was unnecessary.
        His response…whateva. Lol

        Wasn’t in his personal space, didn’t touch him either…so please tell me what his reason was for being rude?

  8. I have never watched Power.Would it make any sense for me to watch the season premiere tomorrow or do I need to watch first two seasons to understand stand what’s going on? I have never watched but I have heard some stuff about the show like the main character cheating on his wife,about the sex scenes,etc.

  9. Me and one of my best friends was just speaking on this today. Someone told me something simple as I have nice legs today and he was like that’s gay. I’m like really my dude. That’s dumb af. I’ll compliment a dude right now and think nothing of it, but whatever I guess…

  10. I don’t think the negative reactions always come from an insecure place when we all know gay and bi dudes who live to push boundaries because they can’t straight up ask a dude if he’s open to men or not.

    Thirst is at an all time high with some of these messages on social media and ppl recording and screen shotting without the other parties knowledge. Men react to other men based on how they present themselves and the vibe. If they felt like they had to assert they were straight it may not have been what you said but the whole vibe.

    Sorry but maybe it’s my upbringing but him giving 50 Cent that kiss gave me pause and his wife does look…masculine. Not ugly just masculine. I would not be surprised if he experimented in the past whether it was with men or swinging.

    1. ^that kiss was rather bold!
      i was like “OH!”…
      well omari,
      i am down to be turned out by your short ass.
      ill leave the key under the mat.

    2. “…and ppl recording and screen shotting without the other parties knowledge…”

      @Jay or anybody, can you please explain to me how this is even possible? How do they hide the camera etc.
      I don’t know if I’m being paranoid but I think I’ve been recorded once or twice but when I confronted them they told me they didn’t.

      I need some tips so better protect myself next time, please.

      1. There’s a command on your computer I believe it’s “Alt+ Prt Scr”(Print Screen) for Windows and I believe there should be a command for the Mac but I’m not sure what it is

        This allows the user the screen shot (or snap a picture of the screen) of whatever is showing on your computer screen at a given time. For ex. If you are doing a vid cam with someone, they can use the command and print the picture of you on his screen and save it in the “Paint” app for example, and save it to their computer. They can literally do this at any time without you knowing.

        It’s basically a still shot of the screen at any given time. I hope this helps.

  11. It is because they’re straight. Let’s flip it what if a super effeminate gay man decided to pay a compliment a discrete gay man? Depending on how secure the discrete guy is with himself he would either take the compliment or think the guy was trying hit on him. the same way a straight man (depending on how comfortable he is with himself) would respond.

  12. BTW…the show premieres tomorrow night. They changed it to Sunday night this season!

  13. It seems like Charlamagne is into lifting weights now. I swear that has something to do with it. I’ve seen too many muscle heads complimenting each other on their bodies, even legs and buns. I think they appreciate bodies more because they learn about the work it takes to look like that

    1. Those of us who are hard-wired same gender loving are skewed towards sexual acts indicative of ‘sexuality’.

      As MEN, we are given to indiscriminate sex because we’re hard wired to do so, monogamy is a social construct. That said, I don’t necessarily equate same sex sex with sexuality because for a good portion of the men who do it recreationally, it’s an enjoyable sexual activity and particularly with wealthy people, it can be a form of extremism to shake shit up in their lives and keep it interesting.

      It’s really basic – most people will REPEAT a pleasurable experience, period. Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it BACK!

      Oh, and then there’s the sex rituals that those of that world (entertainment/sports) participate in that is something altogether different. Most of these celebrity breakdowns are the result of mind-induced trauma brought on by being forced or compromised into participation in activities that they would not do of their own free will, and their consciences are in crisis!

      With respects to Omari’s assets, he will accept the complement (minus any disrespect) from anyone, because that is the nature of his business, and his body/looks and ‘talent’ are his trade stock in his business.

      Back in the day when a male announced out and proud that they were “freaks,” it was indication that they open minded about sexual experiences. Due to the proliferation of porn, “straight” males literally watch more dick at work and ass bouncing that ‘we’ do. THAT shit is hilarious irony to me.

  14. I’ve been waiting for this show to return!! One of the few on TV that I look forward to watching!

  15. It is good when someone can give and receive a complement and not get all in feelings as a person of color we are not always viewed as good looking or sexy so I feel that when a man or woman has it going on why not complement . Btw I love a man with nice buns and a really nice attitude.

    1. It’s good but a LOT of dudes take it the wrong way. You should see the looks I get from guys when I ask them the name of their cologne. I love purchasing colognes but you would think I asked them to get butt ass naked or something! LOL
      The SECURE dudes will answer you and thank you. The insecure ones will ignore you or say some ignorant shyt. Had to go there on a dude once because of that. LOL

      1. ^i don’t even think it’s a “there are secretly gay” issue.
        it seems like insecurities.
        as much as black males play the “powerful” role,
        many of them are insecure as fuck.

      2. Good Lord, yes!! Insecure as fuck!
        The funny part is the ones you’re not even checkin’ for are the ones that come out of their mouth with the most ignorant comment/statement!
        Go somewhere and STFU lookin’ like shit scraped off the bottom of a shoe. UGH!

      3. @Christian Really? I must be really brazen because I ask guys all the time regardless of race. I ask where they got their shirt/jacket/cologne whatever because I’m always on the hunt for fashion. Some of the guys I’m low low-key flirting by throwing a compliment in there if they’re fine but I generally keep it neutral, to not be awkward or weird about it, I genuinely want to know where to get those items. I work in retail so I do that in that setting, and I’ve never had an issue. #knocksonwood

        #DEAD @ Scraped off the bottom of a shoe. LMFAO

        Loving the savage.

      4. @Diggy…yeah, it has happened many times. some guys are nice about it and will tell you. Others will think you’re hitting on them subtly and try to get fly on you. LOL
        Those are the ones I have no problem letting them know.

      5. LOL yeah I don’t have time for “man-code” just tell me where you got the damn jacket/cologne! LOL I don’t make it a habit though, it’s best to gauge the situation. there are certain types I wouldn’t ask, not worth the hassle lol.

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