You Came In Like A Wrecking Ball and Crashed Down All My Walls

tumblr_msv3w5M7h51qa42jro1_500i hate that i love “wrecking ball” from rihanna miley cyrus.
i kinda liked the other one too.
i heard it before she embarrassed herself at the vmas.
it’s such a beautiful song.
sadly from such an idiot.
well we can’t help who we like, right?
foxes/wolves/and hybrid she brings you “wrecking ball”.
filmed by fashion photograher terry richardson

tumblr_msvakuxPq71r3fv6wo3_250sing miley.
i feel you on these lyrics tho!
well it was going good…

until she went and got naked and started licking tools.
see what i did there?
terry richardson did a good job with the video tho.
i’m sure he wanted her to sit her flat naked ass on that hard steel.
he is kinda of a… pervert.

picture source: terry’s tumblr

Author: jamari fox

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