Ye Ain’t Playing With You Sticky Finga Hoes

kw-170116-616x440-1-1-2-2well damn.
ye is not playing out here with us.
@NovelistPrice on twitter uploaded the “fade” video,
which stars teyana taylor,
and then this happened…

20 million dollars tho????

giphy-164i’m surprised he had enough energy to tweet.
he should still be knocked out from fainting.
well he did take it off of tidal,
which happens to be exclusively showing the video.
i get it.
i haven’t even seen the “feeling myself” video because of tidal.
i won’t laugh because everyone wants that “exclusive”.
i hope he is lawyered up because…

giphylowkey: what happens if he can’t pay the 20 mill?

tweets taken: twitter

picture credited: kanye west

Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “Ye Ain’t Playing With You Sticky Finga Hoes”

  1. All of his checks will be garnished for life. Ol dude is about to be poor and living in public housing. There is absolutely no way around this. Uploading is illegal, and people really do get prosecuted for this.

    1. On the civil side, he can file bankruptcy and he will be just fine. On the Federal side if it really goes there, he can hope on a plane and be fine, since I doubt this is one of those cases they would have him expedited back to the US, unless they want to make an example out of him.

  2. I’m sad that this is the state the industry has gotten to . Now you’re being bullied into suscribing to establishments like Tidal just to see music videos foh well i guess we have a choice but i really miss the 90s and early 00s where u could just go to youtube..

    1. Youtube may soon become a paid subscription service or a relic of the past, if the music industry has their way. There’s a lawsuit pending right now, and many artists are siding with them.

  3. But to be honest if an artist makes a video to be exclusively on a certain site or brand I think their wishes should be respected. It’s no different than taking a novel that was released thru a small publisher and sharing it for free on social media. Viewing for yourself is one thing but distributing is another. They’re not going to sue for 20mil though. More than likely that’s a scare tactic to get the video removed. In the 90s and early 00s videos weren’t accessible like that for us. You had to wait for the video to come on not unless you recorded it with a vcr tape or DVD player. And J I’ve seen the Feeling Myself video. It’s okay nothing ground breaking just Beyonce and Nicki having fun and looking pretty lol

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