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Compliments from Que.
Thanks Que.

Enjoy Wolves!

Author: jamari fox

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17 thoughts on “WOLF MEAT (63)”

  1. Thanks for posting. Apparently the dude who posted this is straight (lol) He likes to tease gay boys with his ass. He has a whole site dedicated to it.

  2. Que :
    He’s gotta be at least a little bit curious. No straight man is that fascinated by their own ass.

    No he’s straight. He just like to tease us, trust me. Straight men love to tease us when they know we are gay, and then when we ask them, they hit us with the straight card. You gotta be hipped Que.

  3. #whoisjamarifox :
    ^i don’t want to support that on here.
    That is disgusting.
    I thought that was the name for someone who stole the original video.

    You damn right it’s disgusting. I hate that shit.

  4. I could get upset, but there are a lot of dudes who fantasize about getting “trade” or turning out some str8 dude, so he’s tapping into the market. I mean, if it feeds their ego, most guys will do a lot. I’m not offended by him personally; I just know he has a phat azz lol

    And I think more people would be fluid with their sexuality if we didn’t try to lock them in str8/gay (we can barely call dudes bi…)

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