Stephon Gilmore Is DEFINITELY Making The Cut

I love when my readers keep me updated.
JRock, a newbie to the Foxhole, was already drafted to “Head NFL Draftee Penis Investigator“.
He found me this piece of meat since I was feeling hungry for a good bite…

Please proceed single file to see more…

Stephon Gilmore (born September 19, 1990) is an American football cornerback who attended the University of South Carolina. Gilmore was drafted 10th overall in the 2012 NFL Draft by the Buffalo Bills. Gilmore was regarded as one of the best cornerback prospects of his class.[1]



… and he is going to be 8 hours away!!
He is a definite good look.

Funny enough,
I bought a South Carolina Game Cocks fitted to match an outfit couple months back.
I also love the same “Stephon” too….
Was that a sign?

I’ll be in church tomorrow.

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16 thoughts on “Stephon Gilmore Is DEFINITELY Making The Cut”

  1. Handsome guy, and those eyebrows are nice and thick. Hopfully he brings some talent to the Buffalo Bills, they certainly need it.

  2. You know Jamari your titles get me lol. But he ok I need to see him shirtless or in his uniform to make a good decision

  3. Absolutely. I love his voice and I love his accent. Can he read? You know a lot of these athletes struggle with that. If he can, we’re in the money.

    1. I think he can read, he’s just country; coming from Souths Carolina & all…he’s very handsome though

  4. fuck! he’s 21 and looks older than i is it in the water well not complaining lol he looks good

  5. Hey Jamari. Thanks for the shoutout . Here are some more draftees to check out!
    Dan “Boom” Herron
    Mychal Kendricks
    Brandon Boykin
    Mark Barron
    Justin Bethel

  6. He’s a very handsome man. I think a ‘stylist’ is in order now for public appearances, as those light socks need to go!

    And if that’s any indication of the talent from his neck of the woods, then I’m booking my holiday now!

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