WOLF MEAT: (409)

6a00e54ed8b921883300e553a07b178833-800winaked and in the locker room.
pretty obvious where i’m going.
so where is this from?…

tumblr_n2ydqvipET1rpvmgho1_250…and why is he walking like that?
pure muscle back there.

lowkey: i would have been a bad fox in college.
i promise you.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “WOLF MEAT: (409)”

  1. DAAAAYYYUUUMM!!!!! He got a fat one, and he knows he is working with something back there, that is why he was walking like that.

  2. It’s funny and frustrating when brothers with all that turn out not to be foxes. I’m thinking he might not be wearing shower shoes and his feet are on the cold tile.

  3. You know one of my biggest obsession is black men’s asses.
    Out of all the culos out there I love watching a black man ass, but then again we have better assets.
    And I think he’s walking like that because he probably just finish being fucked in a gangbang. Being gangbang will throw out ur back like that and make you walk funny depending on the sizes.

  4. That gif was life. He was probably cold, I walk like that out of the gym shower all the time. His ass is perfectly sized and proportioned with his body

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