College Is Where You Can Turn Out Pre-Baller and Frat Wolves

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 10.04.15 PMdon’t even hate.
he gonna be the next pac or big.
you gonna see him at the bet awards getting “best new artist”.
remember this moment.
giphy-36…and then we wake up.
so this high school baller wolf turned down a free ride to michigan state to pursue a rap career.
he said if he goes to the college and his heart isn’t in it,
he’ll be wasting their time.
no lies right?
or is it potential jailbird talk?
well of course everyone is judging him for his decision.
was it a real opportunity to go for something better?
or would be a waste of time for someone who isn’t interested?
i had to ask…

Does him turning down college make him a bad person?

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i’m not seeing “rap career” with this one tho.
its no secret some people don’t like school.
shit i saw the price of text books and ran for the hills.
i do low key wished i did go down south,
attend an hbcu,
and be some pre baller wolf’s tutor.
i’m jamari fox.
i tutor english and give oral exams.
slurp-swallow-slidewelcome to my dorm room!”
there are plenty of equally successful people who didn’t step foot in a college.
how the economy is going now,
unless you have the experience with your degree,
a piece of paper to tell the world you’re smart means nothing.
sometimes companies won’t even hire you because you may demand too much money.
it seems like job seekers are insecure you may take their job.
i know plenty of people who aren’t working with their degrees,
but i will say i know like three who are.
plus that bitch sally mae takes no prisoners.
i know folks who gonna be paying her back until they 98.
so yes even tho mistah “fuck yo college!!” may have done something stupid,
because a normal person would have taken the free ride and rap on the side,
i had to wonder…

Is college really for everyone?

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Author: jamari fox

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13 thoughts on “College Is Where You Can Turn Out Pre-Baller and Frat Wolves”

  1. No, it makes him a person who is not smart. Going to college and getting a degree will lead to more opportunities for him than a rap career, but oh well, that is his life. I am focused on mine.

  2. I’m not saying that his rap career won’t flourish…HOWEVER when one is given a FULL RIDE to college, obviously he’s academically gifted and has the skills needed to do well in college. I’d say attend school and still do music. John Legend graduated from University of Penn and still did music, however on the other end of the spectrum Alicia Keys was accepted into Columbia University, and the after moving into the dorms she said she hated it and decided to go into her music full-time…and the rest us history. As you mentioned college ISN’T for everyone, but did he EVER think maybe he should take classes on music engineering and business so he could learn the technical side of making beats and production while also learning the business side so he would be informed in regards to cohtracts and etc. People fail to realize the music industry is still firstly a BUSINESS, and talent alone WON’T cement success and growth. I just don’t want this generation to think the only means to success is through the NBA or music, we’re much more versed as a people then that and i’m also tired of black parents trying to push their children in the aforementioned areas as well…*shrugs* i wish him well but more then likely his career will stall…i’ve seen many starving artists i only know a few of my college friends who are down and out, even if they can’t get a job in their fields, they’re doing better then raheem from down the street whose 35 still trying to be a rapper….

    1. ^lord nothing worse than a raheem.
      i seen so many “raheems” in this industry.
      like how many times ima see you perform at bet music matters or sobs?
      enuff is enuff.

  3. lol @jamari i almost died when you said SOBS i know a few guys here in philly who perform their often and they’re always on flyers and in clubs in pictures with celebs but still living in the hood with their families…i tell people all the time dont be fooled by social media and party pics, at the end of the day it’s levels to this ish….

  4. College isn’t for everyone but neither is a rap career for everyone. I’m not a betting man, but on average those with a college degree (or a trained brain like plumber, electrician, heating and air conditioning man) make much more than those with only a high school diploma. The fastest horse doesn’t always win the race, but that’s the one that I’m betting on! And he’ll likely come to regret his decision to turn down a full-ride scholarship. (And by the way, I have a brother who also turned down a free-ride scholarship and here it years later and I’m sure that he’s full of regret. And his “career” has been stuck in first gear. I went to college and got a bachelor’s degree and worked for a while and then went to grad school at night and I don’t regret getting either degree. I’m happy that I have both degrees.)

  5. I get so mad when people get great opportunities like this and throw them in the garbage like they’re nothing.I wish I was blessed like that.

    FUCK! people.

  6. Is college for everyone? No, however, those with college degrees have more earning potential even outside their degree fields. The young man featured seems to have been offered his scholarship more for his athletic prowess then for his intellect. I note the news report stated the withdrawal of the scholarship was a mutual decision after that video came to the attention of the college. I wish him well and hope my doubts about his future don’t come true. I think some good could have rubbed off had he gone to college. People need to be mindful www stands for World Wide Web and, in the words of that old spiritual, “there’s no hiding place down here.”

  7. I’m not mad at him.
    Give the scholarship to someone who’s motivated and grateful for the chance to do better for themselves.

    I don’t judge anyone for not wanting to come to college.I agree higher education can be a scam on some level.

      1. Strategic default will kill that noise.

        Student loan payments should not be high as rent, a car note, and insurance combined.

        Negotiate to pay some of it off and properly file that 1099-C on next year’s taxes when it comes in the mail.

  8. Is he dumb for turning down college?… No!

    Is he dumb for turning down a FREE college education?… Hell yea!

    I had to go to school from 1st grade til I graduated high school because that shit was free and my parents wasn’t going… If college was free I would still be in school! Rapping…selling ass… Flipping burgers… Whatever u do, you don’t pass on free educatio

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