WOLF MEAT: (352)

tumblr_mvuivi9o311qhvv8lo1_500a wol-fbi sent me this picture and i’m in awe.
is this wolf meat real?
his ass would have the straight wolves having to reconsider…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “WOLF MEAT: (352)”

  1. Is it natural? It look like it because his thighs matches his butt cause a lot people who get butt implant has slim thighs with big ole booty. But he has a nice fat ass

  2. Yea boyeeeee! *in my flavor flav voice* That’s what I’m talkin bout lol. He is shaped like a thick ass becky. I wanna watch heads turn as he walks down the street lol. If I was driving I’d put my shit in park and run him down lol.

  3. That shit looks faker than a 2 dolla bill. Look at the bottom of his right leg… Why is it cut off? FAKE!!! Ain’t no skinny non-black man’s ass gonna look like that! Period!

    1. Not true any sex and race can have curves and thickness to their body love. I have four work out tapes I do white and Asian women have curves but of course they workout. But DNA is a tricky thing I have to do black girls work out too daily to keep my legs and gluts tone and thick however, one of my sisters is pinciel thin no curves don’t have to work out. And my eldest sister is thin but still have curves but she also don’t have to work out blacks and brazillian are not the only thick curvy people its just DNA

  4. i think it’s real plenty of white boys are thick and have ass i see it all the time at my school when white boys have on their little basketball shorts on spandex when they’re working out….his body is crazy!!!!

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