Are All The Baller Wolves On The Miami Dolphins Coons?

Incognitoso apparently all of the black baller wolves on the miami dolphins are #teamincognito.
even though richie incognito called jonathan martin a half nigger on his voice mail.
like so…

…they’re still giving him a cosign.
well this is what usa today had to report:

To the accompaniment of circus-like music, turmoil surrounding the Miami Dolphins escalated Wednesday as players rose to the locker room defense of teammate Richie Incognito and questioned the motives of his alleged harassment victim, fellow offensive lineman Jonathan Martin.

Martin, a second-year offensive tackle from Stanford, left the team last week amid allegations of bullying and racist and threatening emails from Incognito, a ninth-year offensive guard.

The Dolphins organization, after initially putting out a statement that nothing of the sort had gone on, ended up suspending Incognito, one of Miami’s most popular teammates.

“If you asked Jonathan Martin who his best friend is on this team two weeks ago, he’d say Richie Incognito,” quarterback Ryan Tannehill told news reporters Wednesday. “It’s tough for us to sit here and hear all that when we have each others’ backs.”

That’s what other teammates tried to do Wednesday in support of Incognito.

“What’s perceived is that Richie is this psychopath racist, and the reality is Richie was a pretty good teammate,” tackle Tyson Clabo told news reporters. “I don’t know why (Martin is) doing this. And the only person who knows why is Jonathan Martin.”

Said wide receiver Brian Hartline: “If I’m not mistaken this is the same guy (Martin) that was laughing about this voicemail at one point in time.”

“We joke with each other. You can’t have thin skin around here,” defensive tackle Randy Starks told news reporters. “We’re trying to clear Richie’s name. He’s getting a bad rap.”

i9050sdD4UGisbad enough some of his teammates even called him ( x soft ).
i even heard the black teammates were jealous because:
1) jonathan comes from a good family
2) he has an ivy league education
3) he is bi-racial
they apparently gave richie a pass as an “honorary black”.
desmond howard of espn
said it best today:

“what level of coonery is going on in the miami dolphin’s locker room?”

im starting to wonder myself,
but i have to ask:

Do you think there is more to this story?

article source: usa today
another article about the antics: here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Are All The Baller Wolves On The Miami Dolphins Coons?”

  1. I hope a reporter ask them if he has ever called them a nigger? Did you hear about the Black lady Incognito sexual ly harrassed with a golf club last year at golf tournament?She filed a police report but nothing was done.Also TMZ has video of him drunk at a bar calling teammate N word.But he is the Good Guy and Martin is the Outcast.

  2. This story is just too much, and it is way out of control. I just can’t anymore. When your own people don’t back you then who is?

    1. Well, Martin is not black–he’s mixed, mulatto or biracial. How many mixed, mulatto or biracial (his own people) are on the team? Those are his “own people”.

      As far as black NFL players/African American NFL players are concerned, it appears that most are “coons” and do little to nothing for black Americans/African Americans. Witness Chad Ochocinco, Terrill Owens, Reggie Bush and the list goes on. They have little to no social consciousness and if they did African Americans would be in a much better place.

  3. I am curious what if the people in the stadium were throwing bananas and chanted like monkey to the black Football players would they get offended or accept it? If I was a reporter and they told me they were offended. I will tell them how can you be offended when you yourself didn’t defend Jonathan Martin when he was called a half nigger? So in a way you gave the people the right to do so.

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