justin-bieber-10-28-13-1lil za (who?).
lil twist (what?).
justin bieber.
this picture had everyone talking when lil za posted it ( x 2 weeks ago ) on instagram.
but like a good pr team,
here comes that alleged “whore” scandal the other day.
besides the obvious jokes that write themselves:
why is biebz hanging out with these two slackers?
i don’t trust em.
thanks to the f-bi alerting me of the antics.

x found at e! online

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “369

  1. Where was my invite? I’d be right in the middle of all that. Biebs and Twist would be sleeping on their stomachs cause their asses would be sore to sit or lay on.

  2. Beebs doesn’t usually even get any attention from me but damn their all tangled up in that bed…who’s taking the picture is what I want to know….

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