Lil Za Says This Ain’t Nothing But A “Black” Thing

Lil-Za-speaks-out-on-arrest-during-Justin-Bieber-raidso lil za has been released and he is doing some talking.
well tweeting.
he is kinda cute.
*looks harder*
too bad he got that “riff raff” problem.
anyway so this is what he tweeted about that whole situation since being released…
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Lil Za Goes Down On Justin Bieber

Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 9.27.04 PMso i took some time to stop thinking about my problems to think about someone elses.
everyone meet lil za.
random #1271972913701 in justin bieber’s crew.
i still don’t know what his purpose is.
oh wait i know.
he took the fall for all those drugs taken at justin bieber’s crib in that raid today...
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justin-bieber-10-28-13-1lil za (who?).
lil twist (what?).
justin bieber.
this picture had everyone talking when lil za posted it ( x 2 weeks ago ) on instagram.
but like a good pr team,
here comes that alleged “whore” scandal the other day.
besides the obvious jokes that write themselves:
why is biebz hanging out with these two slackers?
i don’t trust em.
thanks to the f-bi alerting me of the antics.

x found at e! online