WOLF MEAT: (147)

i went on twitter and saw these tweets:

i gave credit for the boldness.
i also wondered who the hell was he and why was i following?
i went on his wall and saw butt cheeks everywhere.
it was his birthday recently and his followers decided to send this wolf some cakey love

i thought the wolves round these parts would enjoy this.

go to his twitter wall to see more butt cheeks


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “WOLF MEAT: (147)”

  1. The gay community never ceases to disappoint me.

    The thirst. The low self-esteem.
    Everything is hypersexualized. No one values themselves.

    It’s hos like that, that make it hard for hybrids like me.

    1. ^imagine how bad it is for us foxes!

      i’m not going to compete with the hoe who is willing to put his ass cheeks on a cake.
      that is something you send your man.
      the lifestyle is so stressful lol

        1. ^the guy in the twitter is telling me he was trying to put me onto some good dick.
          not even get to know.
          “you are who your friends are”.

          i massively eye rolled his tweet.
          we good here.

    2. I’m confused. How are they making it hard for y’all? If it’s something that stands out about you guys then you should be ok. It’s ain’t no nig trying to cuff a hoe lol.

      1. Fact is, men are lazy and the game has changed.

        These days, a man WILL cuff a ho. They WILL try to “turn a ho into a housewife.” It’s the path of least resistance.

      2. Exactly Jamari.

        See that bitch Kim? That bitch is winning. She spread her legs for a little fame and now she’s carrying a baby worth billions.

      3. Hoes are winning? Those hoes are insecure and unsure of themselves. Haven’t we talked about why people hoe on here? Other than Kim, what other woman is a hoe and is wifed up?

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