Where Is My Holy Water?

This is what makes me hot about these chat sites.
BGC/A4A are the main culprits.
Lemme break down the scenario.

This dude I met on BGC,
we will call him Bangles (read and you will see why he got that nick name),
to protect the guilty of their crimes.

So earlier last week,
I hit Bangles with a message in regards to his intro messages “I don’t know, you tell meh…”

“I’d like to tell you alot actually…” – my fast ass.
“Well you can tell me after I blow your back out.”


So I slid him my number
and we conversed through texts.
Couple times,
he would text me at like 4 or 5 in the morning.
No biggie,
I ignored those texts cause he was tryna come through and quite frankly,
I wasn’t ready for him.

I finally decided tonight was the night I wanted to meet,
and get fucked more than likely.
My body needed it.
His texts were clearly sexually driven and I was moist at the thought of this 10 inch dick sliding in me.
I mean,
that WAS what was in his profile and I was up for the challenge.

I get my ass up
after cleaning myself out real good
and walk to go meet this dude ……..

….. and the FUCKERY I SAW,

he did look like his picture but a much more fragile version.
I am confused as to were “athletic” body was though?
When I think athletic,
I think someone like Nelly or Shemar Moore.
Just because he walks to his destinations,
and devolved some toned legs,
doesn’t make him athletic.

When he opened his mouth
and that undercover queen came out,

I was tite.
I wanted to fight him for lying to me!!!!

He had on these array of bangles on his arm and his hair was literally in a pony tail.
Outfit was extra coordinated.
He had a sidekick and looked like he was up WAY past his curfew.
Not even a little bit of “thug” in that package.
That was false advertisement!!!!!!!!!!!!

What pissed me off was the “nigga this” and “nigga that”
in these texts and the uber masculine “thug” persona he was tryna pass off
but in person,
he was nowhere near that.

Red Flags I encountered but brushed to the side:

1) we never spoke on the phone
2) When we talked, he was ALWAYS in the gay club
3) He seemed a little too thirsty (the 4-5 in the morning texts)
4)Implying in a text that he didnt have a 10 inch dick. That bothered me.
5) Asking me if I have condoms (um, that should be stndard on your end too)

I should have knew better.
The little signs in our conversations were red flags but I chose to ignore
because the sexual convos had me open (learning lesson).

I texted my brotha like “CALL ME NOW!!!!!!!!
and I pretended to have an issue.
Turned our ass right around and sent Bangles on his merry way.
He was concerned about his hair when I took my umbrella back.
Get a shower cap.

This is why true masculine men stay of BGC
and these dudes fuck it up for us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You think you are talking to someone you can vibe with
but in reality,
it’s a young queen trying to act grown.
I can see why men are so obsessed with femininity within our community.

I wanted that “person” in those texts to come thru and fuck my brains out.
I am not feminine and not attracted to feminine men.
I like masculine man.
Nothing wrong with feminine men but it’s not my style.
So imagine my surprise
when I walk up to this dude
and he is NOT what he was portraying himself to be online.

If dudes were more truthful in our lifestyle
AIDS and fake personas would not be a problem.

Aaaah well.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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