A Little Real.

Sometimes I wish I went to college.
It seems that’s where alot of people experimented and fell in love.
They let there inhibitions run free.
I hear so much DL relationships and sexual relationships in college
I get jealous.
But alas,
I’m still in my late 20’s so I have years of more fun.

I know you guys see me as a sexpot
and that maybe true because I am
but Jamari wants to feel love one day.

I can meet a dude and get the dick but I want to feel more.
I have this feeling inside more is on the way.
I have been feeling this way for a while.
I know more is on the way.
I hope to be in love or at least experience love.
I have never been in love with a man before.
True story.
Usually its a couple sexual experiences and I am sick of his dumb ass.

I want more.
My heart is free to it.
Once I removed all the hang ups and doubt,
I felt alot better.
If it happens,
I will not turn it down.
I will go with the flow because in the past,
I got scared.
I pray that I can attract the men in my life that
will be more than just “sex” and will at least make things interesting.
I pray that I will be put in situations where I can meet these men.
I will be genuinely attracted to them and they will make my heart beat like an 808.
Experience is a good teacher and I am a willing student.

let the games begin.

(You know you guys will be getting first hand reports.
So, stay tuned.)

I want someone to call Daddy.

Author: jamari fox

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2 thoughts on “A Little Real.”

  1. Thanks!
    I wouldn’t take back me being sexual for anything
    I would like to feel what “love” is like.

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