Thug Dick

I’ll be the first to tell you that Thug Dick
is the best dick (keyword: dick).
Ima tell you why…

You know those fellas that live in the hood.
They standing around on the block.
Sagging jeans.
Timberland boots.
Dark blue Yankee fitted hanging low.
Probably got about 3 or 4 hustles going on.
Weed or cigarette smoking.
Thug Dick.

Thugs have this look like they are in charge.
They drip sex + lethal penis and alot of the times,
it is true.
The media has made this look the signature in “gay” males today but only FEW are real.
Alot of the times,
you meet them offline.
The ones on BGC/A4A are frontin and fakin.
True Thug Dick would not have a main default picture and in the forums.
I call a force.
You can meet one on the popular straight sites such as Myspace and BlackPlanet.

Thugs are only good for a couple things:
Eating, Hustling, Sleeping and Fucking.
They have mastered the art of all 3 things
since they don’t have SHIT to do.
They have a black belt in dick throwing
and it will literally have you in a sexual coma.
That is why you see these women going crazy cause she let some Thug Dick in her life.
Running around here like Whitney Houston.

Thug Dick will come in ya house,
hold you by the back of your neck,
and give you those bomb ass strokes a bottom only desires.
Fuck going to the bedroom.
He will pick you up by your cheeks and fuck you in the hallway wall.
You do not even feel the pain because your ass is so turned on
you can’t even form the sentence “STOP”.
Talking that nasty shit in your ear:

“You like this Dick?”
“You going to give this pussy to anyone else?”
“Is this Thug Dick’s pussy?”
“Move them hands!”
“That’s right. Moan for Thug Dick.”
“Take this dick nigga.”
“Suck this dick nigga.”
“Choke on this dick.”
“Ima fuck the dog shit out of you.”

…Yes Daddy.

After observing the Thug Dick,
my only conclusion is to keep them as sexual play things and that is it.
They have so much baggage that a bottom like myself wants NOTHING to do with it.
I only want the dick so they fall under the “send text only when I need that fire“.
They probably sharing that thug dick with every bitch on the block.
I mean that’s how they learned to fuck so good to begin with.
They made it an art of fucking bitches stupid so now it’s the nigga’s turn.

They will eat/fuck you out of house and home.
They are lazy as all hell.
They will leave you and will not tell you where the fuck they are.
They may beat your ass for asking questions.
You CAN expect a collect call asking you to come bail his ass out of jail.
Always secretive so you can never ask too much questions.

A couple good benefits of Thug Dick is
if you want something to eat,
they will bring you something from the corner store.
They always got food on demand ($1 pizza slice, beef patty on cocoa bread) so that is never an issue LOL.
If you need them to beat someone’s ass,
it is DONE.
They pretty much know everyone so if you need a hook up,
it is just a phone call away.
They like to listen and give advice (no matter how dry and short it is).
Their car is usually fly as hell so a ride is never an issue.
If Thug Dick is down for you (you moved past just good booty/head),
he is DOWN for you.
You call and he is there.

You can slowly become addicted to them
and they know the only thing they have to do if fuck you illiterate
and you fixing them breakast in the morning.
Everything to them is a HUSTLE.
They could only be using you for a place to stay
and their contribution to the household is a good fucking ever so often….
…while they are texting me talkin’ fresh.
Been there; done that LOL

Not me though.
First off: not with all the extra drama.
You fuck me illiterate AND pay my rent/bills/wardrobe costs and I may consider.
Got me singing “He is alllll the mannn that I neeeeeeeeeeeeeedddddd….” off key.

If you do come in contact with some Thug Dick,
ride that ride and give him the fuck of his life.
When it’s done,
keep him as “on call dick” while you keep looking.
Best thing about Thug Dick is they like their bottoms to be submissive.
They do not discriminate on the ass.
If you look good and have a nice ass/lips (and not a total queen; preferably discreet or DL),
they will holla at you on the low to try to bend you over.
Just watch out for the signs because they go QUICKLY.
They throw one out and if you do not catch on,
they move on.

If Thug Dick over time shows signs of a good man
then go ahead and make him Daddy.
He may spoil you and keep your shit tight.
you need to keep him on a short leash before you make him Daddy.
He may pull a fast one on your ass.

Beware of Thug Dick.
He has made many regret and few happy.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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