you met this guy:

you have been talkin for a while.
you also like fuckin’ him.
the sex is great.
things are perfect, right?
why would they be?
this is when we role play for god sakes.
one night after some of the best dinner (he cooked) and sex you ever had,
he has a confession….

he is a functioning coke head.

he says his habit is under control.
he also admits he really likes you,
and won’t bring it into your crib.
he tells you everyone has a “something”.
his something just happens to be:


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

26 thoughts on “WHEN WE ROLE PLAY: (51)”

  1. Start the grief process for this relationship because you need to end it before you fall too deep. No one has a drug problem under control, you can stay but you will witness the decline right before your eyes, and you will need some form of escapism to deal with them. I really dont like no type of drugs even marijuana around me, I just have seen and heard too many horror stories surrounding drug usage. Always remember that people on drugs will choose the drug over you every time.

  2. This is going to be shocking, but most of my friends smoke dope, so while I would stop talking to this dude for doing coke, I still would keep him as a friend at least. I would try to convince him to stop it though, like that is the hard stuff. I’m a drinker myself, but I’m in control, and I do it very little.

      1. Just because everyone does it does not mean it’s ok. Most of us have bullied others, but it’s still wrong right? Drugs are drugs, period. I have heard many say that they don’t consider weed to be a drug, but tell that to a judge and the police and see what happens.

      2. In Holland weed is a complete non-issue. You go to your local coffee shop and buy it. Smoke it on the road… whatever. No one cares. I myself to not smoke weed, because it gives me headaches.

        But nah… cocaine? I would have to say bye-bye! Just my opinion.

  3. The relationship would most likely be over. Even though he is a “functioning” user; I’ll still be lowkey paranoid about him stealing my money and my things to support his habit. I won’t judge him though and I’ll help him stop using if he wants to. We would still be friends. I know associates who use drugs and you have to be a strong minded person not to get pulled into it. We do have our own thing, but it shouldn’t control our life. I drink on occasion, but I don’t do it excessively and very rarely now since I started working out and I’m on a diet.

      1. ^ If I went to his spot that’ll be fine, but it may get old after a while. We would have to think of different places to meet up.

  4. No crackheads/baseheads/coke heads, meth heads, or weed heads. No alcoholics. No damn bath salt zombie mofos either. Save it. Will not be enable nor indulge in bullshit.

    No time for addicts, stop trying to escape life and take your ass to rehab.

    Don’t like bodybuilders or doctors/nurses who smoke either–pointless bastards.

  5. I may smoke a blunt from time to time but I can’t do hard drugs. My father was a druggie and I still remember growing up. I don’t know really I just don’t know what I would do a part of me wants to say hell no kick rocks but another part remembers when my father was a father and would translate to him being a friend……. This is a hard post for me

    1. I can relate, somewhat. I have several family members who are in the struggle, and even though I hate to see them waste themselves away with that crap, my love for them hasn’t changed one bit. It’s hard, but you can’t do anything until they are willing and ready to change their lives.

      1. I hope that your relationship has only gotten stronger, despite what happened in the past. Best of luck to the both of you.

  6. I’m sorry I can’t deal with drug addicts period. MAYBE someone who smokes some reggie after a bad day…maybe.

    I deal with drug addicts all day long. These dealers are lacing shit to get people addicted. I can’t tell you how many fine dudes I’ve worked with that smoked weed laced with PCP or embalming fluid and now they have to take meds for the rest of their life.

    I saw a dead ringer for Victor Cruz the other day, accidentally smoked some wet and he’s paranoid and crazy as hell now.

    I just can’t. I have a $100 worth of kush I haven’t touched because the people I work with are such a cautionary tale.

    1. ^that lacing shit made me stop.
      people i know where smoking all kinds of shit and not knowing.
      i’m good here.

      thank you to everyone who responded to this entry.
      i know it was tough for some,
      but it made for great stories to be shared.
      i actually wanted someone who is a functioning on hard drugs to comment.
      i would love to hear that side of the fence.

  7. For me the key to my response, would be if he is ‘informing’ me because he want’s help, or ‘informing’ me just so I will know. If it’s the latter, then I wish him well and all who sail in him. If it’s the former, than I couldn’t turn my back on someone who’s asking for my help. I would also be glad that he felt comfortable enough with me to tell me such a potentially ‘deal breaking’ thing about himself.

  8. also PLEASE be careful what you smoke that someone gives you.
    some people hate to see you doing better and will have that “crab in the barrel” mentality and set you up for failure.
    have you addicted to something that will have you going crazy.
    so many stories of people who are out in the streets strung out because someone put something in their weed.

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