When We Role Play… (34)

Let’s get high and do a little fantasy role playing, shall we?

What would you do…
If an angel came to visit you one night…
looking like this…

He said he would grant any ONE wish of your desires…


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “When We Role Play… (34)”

  1. That’s one pretty angel. Damn only one wish though. Would giving him some head, and then bending him over and smashing count as two wishes or one?

    Wait a second though, if he can grant any wish of our desires, that means he can make anything come true. I would want him to make me rich as hell. Forget sex, I can sleep with a nigga anytime. I’m thinking smart on this one. LOL. I still might get to hit though. Once I start kissing on that body, I wouldn’t have ask for a second wish, he would fall right under my spell.

    I’m interested to read everyone elses answers.

    1. I know I would be going to hell for banging out an angel sent from above, but Jesus knows better sending an angel down that looks this good knowing that I like men.

  2. I’d just ask for an infinite amount of money! And I’d make sure to feel him up real good while asking!

  3. Jesus, take the wheel!!!

    I would want to live comfortably. That would mean no financial worries, great health, and everything should fall into place.

  4. ok after we flip flop a few times my wish would be for knowledge of everything. yes its easy to wish for money but you can spend it just as fast. if you know how to do everything you can get payed for doing everything. its like the old saying give a man a fish he eats for a day but teach a man to fish he eats forever

    1. oooh that angel is so sexy i gould just lay in his hair. and i know he has that good good between them legs….. what am i saying lord forgive me

  5. He’s sexy but I’dbe focused on the wish: The ability and knowledge to achieve the success I desire. I’m practical that way.

  6. Before seeing the pics I thought I was about to see some slutty boy posed with his ass all out with wings or something too fruity . This guy though, I’d ask him what GOOD NEWS he brings for me

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