When We Role Play… (35)

This is for you.

Your cousin’s friend is visiting from California.
He happens to be fine as hell… and Fox as hell.
He has been flirting with you LOW KEY every time you see him.
He wants your peen and he wants the peen NOW.
But, your cousin is always around.

On the morning he was leaving back to Cali,
your cousin had to go to work but volunteered YOU to bring him to the airport.
He comes over to your crib and when you walk into your bedroom…

Doesn’t that look tempting?
You can just imagine those cheeks rippling as they bounce off your body with each thrust.

You pull your pants down and rest your dick between those ripe butt cheeks.
He starts to slide his ass up and down.
You ready to hit?

You go to get a condom… AND YOU HAVE NONE.
He has to be at the airport in an hour.

Baby just stick it in…
I’m safe.

Do you take one for the team?
You don’t know shit about him.
You do not know his health history.
You just know he is bent over in your bedroom…
…and you may never see him again.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “When We Role Play… (35)”

  1. Damn this is a hard because in this lifestyle we don’t like for niggas to get away. I’m not a fan of unprotected sex cause niggas are trifling. NO CONDOMS mean no sex, it’s that simple. Forget that nigga, it’s not like I really knew him anyway.

  2. Oh this is a tough one. Me personally I would tell him that I couldn’t do it cause of my personal view on safe sex. He could be Tyson Gay and I would tell him no glove no love. But I would dive my toungue soooo deep in dat ass and I can settle for head from him. Plus I have fam in Cali and frequent flyer miles so it ain’t a problem

    1. Exactly , why so thirsty and how many other cousins friendsssssssss has he done the same thing to. For some reason if this bottom was posed like this and white I feel this woulda been a drama of how whites r slutty etc

  3. I would tell him that the ride to the airport is free and tell him that I have a few contacts in the health industry to get him a better paying job so that he doesn’t have to sell his goodies on the side.

  4. Take him to the airport.

    I remember I was dealing with a dude once that got upset that I told him to put on a condom before he gave me head.

    Turned me all the way off.

  5. This comments are crazy, I’m crakin up. All y’all gonna get in your cars ad take him to the airport right away. LOL

  6. I’m at least getting some head out of it; he’ll be alright about that flight.

    I’d be tempted to smash though; but an hour isn’t enough time anyway, so…I’m nutting on his cheeks

  7. I literally almost threw up. I don’t like slutty bottoms which is an irony since virtually the word bottom connotes one. There is nothing DL about a fox- contradiction?? I, I would not do anything now too many thirsty tops exist who will fuck every and anything In their wAy and somehow manage to alwaaaayyys claim they have standards they can have IT I’m good

  8. A guy who would so easily forego a condom like that is a serious turn off for me. I would be looking at the clock the whole time anyways. It’s better to send him home than do something spur of the moment and have regrets later on.

  9. YngBlkWolf :
    I’m at least getting some head out of it

    That’s what I was thinking. Depending on how good it is, I may get some more at the airport. Oh, memories

  10. Wtf you mean? The corner store is a couple blocks away lmao
    Sir, I’ll take those Magnums right here, Thx.

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