When We Role Play… (21)

sorry boys.
was under the weather today.

So you met this dude here:

And he is cool.
He is fun and proves he is loyal.
Only has like 2 good friends and has a part time job.
You guys are getting pretty close and he is not giving you ANY sex just yet.
He wants to be in a relationship before any sex goes down.
The thing is….

He smokes all the time.
Morning, noon, and night.
Now, he wants you to be his man…
You ask him to give up the smoking so much and he replies:

“That is just something I can’t do. Either you take me as I am or not at all.”


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “When We Role Play… (21)”

  1. I would leave him, it’s that simple I don’t like to be around people who smoke all the time. If he really has feelings for me he would quit.

  2. if I know he smoked 24/7 I dont think I would get with him but if I found out later on hes going to have to cut back im not saying stop smoking but you can atleast cut back, got to compromise if we in a relationship. If you cant then im out!

  3. Can’t do it. Occasionally, I can deal with – unless it’s cigarettes, then I’m out. But I can handle weed every now & then. But you always getting blazed?! Nawl, son.

  4. Well it will have to be “not at all” Police not coming to arrest my arse when they come looking for the weed!

  5. shiii im smokin a blunt now lol. i can agree with RONNIE telling him to cut back from every day to like 1-2 times a week. that way we can both get blazed and listen to wiz Kalifah

  6. I don’t believe in completely changing a man.
    If I knew he smoked all the time before getting to know him, then I can’t expect him to give up smoking for me. Would I like him to? Yes. But I can’t demand that he do it.

    That said, people who smoke all the time are a turn off to me. I really don’t like smoking at all, but I’m not gonna trip if you smoke every blue moon.
    Every chance you get though? No.

  7. I’m not big on weed smokers… But it doesn’t bother me either, furthermore If he’s what you said he is, he was high when I met him! So, I truly wouldn’t care as long as he don’t smell like an ashtray…

  8. I grew up around weed smokers so I have a different view of it. I don’t really mind it so long as it isn’t impeding on the rest of your life. If you can function normally, keep your life in order, and treat me the way is like to be treated I won’t mind your weed habit. I personally have never smoked weed and I don’t ever plan on Doug so but its never good to ask a man to change so that you can love him.

  9. Sometimes I wonder where some of you readers are located? Hell if that nigg want to smoke all day, fuck it smoke.. I see the lil nigg is working, he doing what he has to do, he feeling me. If thats what Im into at the time, so be it,

  10. BadBoy we live in the same area, I stay in the DMV also, however I’m in agreement with my fellow foxes, wolves, and hybrids. I dont mind if you smoke but when you smoke as many times as you eat, or when you bathe its a problem for me.

    I mean he has a job cool that’s nice, but I mean your addiction is honestly going to become a financial burden if we decide to take out relationship to the level where we are living together and pay bills or not even that going on a trip. It could be anything it just that you spend more money in your addiction and its temporary.

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