MEAT (99)

He looks like he would be a good man.
He has that look.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “MEAT (99)”

  1. Yes he does!! Yo looks like he would make you mango smoothies in the morning , send you text when he’s on his break at work that say “I miss you”, or “I have extra time for lunch, want me to bring you something?” and like he be all about having family and friends over for holidays, and want to say prayers together at night, and go to church then brunch on Sundays and take a nap together when you get back home!! Ok that was a lil over board, but he drips “nice guy”…probably husband material.

  2. I got hard as soon as I scrolled down to look at the pic. He is too fine for his own good. He does look like he would be a good man.

      1. I do… On my computer that is currently out of commission lol. I’ve been posting from my iPod. It’s strange though, I can’t remeber his name? It’s something basic too.

    1. I know him. Pretty good guy. And Vain is right as far as how he looks in person. Amazing body/face.

    2. He can be dumb. As long as he understands:

      1) Put this in your mouth
      2) Bend over

      That will serve its purpose. LOL. He is a looker, though.

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