when ministering to someone ends in your senseless murder

as christians,
you need to be careful with who you help.

some folks don’t deserve your kindness.
if ^christopher griggs asked for your help,
i’m sure many would try to help him.
ulterior motives on the low,
i’m sure.
rev. martia harrell tried to help and he returned the favor by killing her.
per newsweek

A pastor was allegedly stabbed and set on fire by a parishioner she was counseling. Her body was found by her distraught husband and daughter.

Rev. Marita Harrell was helping 27-year-old Christopher Griggs with mentoring and support when he turned on her, attacking her with a large kitchen knife before burning her, according to police.

The 57-year-old pastor, a mother of two, worked at the Connections @ Metropolitan Church in Atlanta, Georgia. DeKalb County Police Department said Griggs killed Harrell at his home in the 1300 block of Panola Road on May 18, then dumped her body in a van on the 1600 block of Coffee Road and started a fire in a bid to destroy the evidence.

how sad.
how sad,
how sad,
how sad.

this isn’t the first time that demon has had a run-in with the law.
back in 2020,
he was arrested for alleged sexual assault.
per 11alive:

A woman told police an officer sexually assaulted her. Authorities now say her attacker was someone posing as law enforcement.

His arrest has since led to a new phase in the investigation as officers begin searching for additional victims.

This is the second time in two months that the same man, Christopher Griggs, has been arrested and charged with committing crimes while impersonating a police officer. This time, though, he’s accused of sexually assaulting a woman.

i wonder if she knew this beforehand?
this is the issue i have with some church folks.
they think they can purge people into their versions of honest citizens.
it hardly ever works.

I just discussed with someone I used to go to church with how church folks think they can pray the gay outta someone.

you can’t pray the gay or murderous felon out someone else.
some christians will banish someone gay but will open arms to a murderer.
that demon was already feral and if she wanted to minister to him,
it should have been done at the church in a public setting.
it’s a shame she lost her life trying to see the good in another.
when a demon shows us who they are for the first time,
we need to believe that is who that demon is.
may marita harrell rest in peace.
lowkey: for her husband and daughter to find her body.
i can’t even imagine.
article: newsweek | 11alive

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “when ministering to someone ends in your senseless murder”

  1. Sad tragic.

    I would have never visited his home or have him come to mine. I work with clients and keep it 9 to 5 and either Virtual, or at my Organization’s premises.

    Am I wrong to question how intimate their relationship was? [ This does not alter the fact of this heinous and vile crime.] I just know of Animals like this taking advantage of a victim’s feelings whether it’s out of genuine kindness ,or deeper physical attraction .

    Please be careful dear friends .

    1. ^ raises hand

      i also asked the same question about their relationship.
      why did he just turn on her to kill her in such a “passionate” way?
      i need more details but it’s a very tragic story nonetheless.

  2. Typical Atlanta. I hate that place. Every stereotype of black people in the US has credibility when discussing Atlanta.

  3. According to the police report, her husband told her to stop meeting these people who just got out of jail for safety reasons.Other family members and a friend had also warned/begged her to stop these meetings but she told the friend she wanted to help/counsel people who had been in jail.

    One article I read said ,according to court records, this man should have been locked up.I wonder if he was one of criminals who was released because of COVID.

    It’s sad that she lost her life trying to help people.

  4. Really aren’t any words for this story. This woman lost her life, and so has this young man now.

    1. “And so has this young man now”.☹️🚫👿
      This platypus nose son of a bitch has lost nothing but freedom to navigate and create more horror. He should just be hogtied and boiled alive, and line up a few more others I will not name,then feed them to the alligator’s.💯

  5. Actually, she was doing what Christ counsels Christians to do, which is help and take care of the down and out, the homeless, those in jail, etc. So she was following Christ’s plan, which makes it even more horrifying that this monster murdered her. He clearly should not have been on the street, under any circumstances. I know why people complain about the prison system, but some people show they are essentially unredeemable and cannot be rehabilitated, and he appears to be in that category.

    One additional note: I know you didn’t intend this, but it’s almost like being gay and being criminal are being correlated here when you say “you can’t pray the gay or murderous felon out someone else.” Again, I get what you’re saying, but this almost sounds like these two conditions are being conflated.

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