When Stale Jumpoff’s Don’t Go Away

I was all set to write a blog
cussing out this dumb ass nigga I use to fuck with and my people…
but it ain’t worth it.
Sometimes less is definitely more.
As much as I try to find the words
to explain my thoughts …
… I can’t.

I am hurt.
Been hurt for a long time.
Realizing some things are not fair.
Realizing some things happen to the best of us.

It was like God tapped me on my shoulder
and reminded me that I am not stuck with him so why should I care?
A nigga can do bad all by himself.
Sometimes things happen to show you that
“Hey, at least it isn’t my problem.
BE THANKFUL… that you are NOT dealing with the bullshit.”

Make room for Daddy that has it going on
and is gonna treat me like the sexiest bottom alive.

As much as it hurts,
Ima have to get over it.
It is hard though because I have to be around them.

I need to learn the power of “ignore” with a side of “turn your nose up”.

I wish I would hurry up and get to that point.
But in the meantime,
I’ll just “smile“.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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