Dangeously In D/L.

As a member of this lifestyle for many years,
one thing you can never avoid is a dude on the D/L.
They are those dudes you see on the street or online
that look like a typical masculine straight man
but in reality,
he either wants your goodies or is trying to give you his.

Yeah, yeah, yeah…
Gay men always say “its hard dealing with a man on the D/L
and that maybe true
but if you are discreet or D/L yourself,
dealing with a man on the D/L is not a big deal.
It is only a big deal when emotions become involved.
It is sort of like the forbidden aspect that is such a turn on for myself.

I would rather deal with someone on the D/L
because for one reason alone,
I am not out and have no plans on being out.
I like to live a very private life and the man I bring into my life needs to understand that.

It kills me when women want to say “this man is on the down lo”
when he is so fucking obvious about his sexuality.
I mean,
Stevie Wonder could see this man is gay.
A true D/L man is so down lo that he even startles YOU
because you would never suspect he is gay or bi.

The reason someone like me would succeed with someone on the D/L
is because I do not get emotionally attached.
If I know you are D/L from jump,
I refuse to try to “try to get him to love me” when he clearly wants ass.
I use him as a convenient play thing until the right man shows his face.
That right man is not a sex object.
He is Daddy.
D/L men need to be used for sex and money.

I was always lucky to meet D/L men who were so anti gay
and they would take me out and start showing their ass.
To the point I was like,

“Um, partna, you a lil too obvious right now.”

I remember I went out with a attractive D/L author who has a few books in stores now
(dont ask me what books because I erased him and the books out of my mind)
but he took me to a seafood restaurant and after a few drinks
starts to profess his “deep like” to me.
Winking and shit at this damn table.
I was like “Oh Jesus“….
He never got the goodies but he was all to ready to teach me how to write a book.
(I got it like that)

That’s how you play the game with the D/L.
they are using you so in turn,
you use them and try to keep your emotions out of it.
Alot of the times,
you just be great company.

I do not want to hear about the bitch he is marrying or dating.
The baby mama who is blowing up his phone.
The jump off with the good pussy.

You are here to provide a service and get to steppin.
Funny enough,
with that attitude,
they start to fall for me.
I just don’t appear to care as much.
I just go with the flow and not blow up their phone or act thristy because
I have this fine D/L man trying to get at me.
he is trying to fuck me and chances are I want to fuck him.
So let me fuck him good and send him on his way.

Alot of gay men do not think like this
and they end up being hurt.
This isn’t the outrageous storyline of Noah and Wade
(although first season was pretty damn good)
This is reality.
You may get a call back or you may not.

So do it safely and have fun.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “Dangeously In D/L.”

  1. WOW. I love your blog.
    I have been here b4. You hit the target with this post.
    DL (damn liar). I have dated gay dudes more masculine and undetectable than most guys who claim to be dl/ bi etc. marrtied one’s and all.

    Treat people based upon how they view their life.

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