I Saw My Future “Daddy” Today!

I saw Daddy today.
Shopping in the frozen food section.

So today,
I went out to meet a soon to be friend
and decided on the way back home that I was going to drop my parcels off
and go to the super market.

As I was  ending my shopping,
I walked towards this dude
and I was so stunned cause he was FIONE.

Not fine …. but FIONE.

I’m talking about 6’2, semi muscular build, bald head, darkish light complexion, nice style ….
I mean he looked like he could be a model or an actor.
He was exactly what I would be dealing with.
I took nothing of it.
I figured the chick he was with was in some aisle looking for the eggs.
But he did stop me in my tracks.

I go to the register and I see him walk past.
I wanted another look at him.
As I was staring at him with “Shoop” from Salt N Pepa playing in my head,
he turned at me.
I was a little startled but I continued to look.
He looked at me,
looked off,
and then looked back at me and smiled.
Licked his lips.
The whole 9 readers!!!!!

My heart dropped.

He then left his cart and walked over to the stand with some cookies on sale that was close to me.
All the time,
looking at me deep in my eyes.
He licked his lips and my eyes followed.
He went back to his cart and then head nodded me.
I took that as a sign so I left the register and went into this aisle for him to follow.
No him.
I see him walk past my aisle.

“Um, confused.” I said to myself.

I decided to walk around aimlessly to see if we bump into each other
but he was nowhere to be found.
So I went back to a register and there goes Daddy.

All this while we continue to eye fuck each other from across this busy supermarket
but no other opens for us to get closer to each other.

Why did this negro go to this register across from mine.
NOW he is acting shy?!?!?
I mean I know I am sexy but Jesus Christ!

I looked into his cart and those cookies he picked up
were not in his cart.
It was all in the prop of him trying to get at me.
He could have put me in the damn cart.
I would not have given a damn.
Just gimmie the number.

I left that supermarket with no number from him.
But I swear,
when I looked at him,
I saw that we were supposed to be together.
I have seen dudes that eye fucked me and I left the situation without a number
and never thought about them again.
But this dude was different.
I felt something in my spirit.

That is Daddy right there … forreal.

Ima see him again.
I have this feeling.
I know ya’ll have felt that before.
We will definitely be meeting again real soon.

True story.

2 thoughts on “I Saw My Future “Daddy” Today!

    1. I could.
      I go on attraction.
      If something about you doesn’t attract me
      I cannot force myself to be with you.

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