You Pineapples Ain’t Loyal

tumblr_mrzptcd5bs1srh6cco1_500we all have fought with friends.
i’m sure we have all gone at it with people we love.
i know i have.
lets say you choose to end the friendship.
maybe it was too much negativity.
or maybe it has just ran its course.
why the FUCK…
does that give someone the right to start telling your business?

what the hell is that about?
where is the fuckin’ loyalty?
shit like this makes you not want to trust people at all.
in friendships you are supposed to share things,
sometimes private moments,
and you expect them to stay between you and you “friend”.
well i guess the new thing is “friendship ends so lets start talking”.
you see these jackals expose everyone for 15 minutes of fame nowadays.
i started to wonder…

Why can friends turn into your biggest foes?

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When Stale Jumpoff’s Don’t Go Away

I was all set to write a blog
cussing out this dumb ass nigga I use to fuck with and my people…
but it ain’t worth it.
Sometimes less is definitely more.
As much as I try to find the words
to explain my thoughts …
… I can’t.

I am hurt.
Been hurt for a long time.
Realizing some things are not fair.
Realizing some things happen to the best of us.

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