You Pineapples Ain’t Loyal

tumblr_mrzptcd5bs1srh6cco1_500we all have fought with friends.
i’m sure we have all gone at it with people we love.
i know i have.
lets say you choose to end the friendship.
maybe it was too much negativity.
or maybe it has just ran its course.
why the FUCK…
does that give someone the right to start telling your business?

what the hell is that about?
where is the fuckin’ loyalty?
shit like this makes you not want to trust people at all.
in friendships you are supposed to share things,
sometimes private moments,
and you expect them to stay between you and you “friend”.
well i guess the new thing is “friendship ends so lets start talking”.
you see these jackals expose everyone for 15 minutes of fame nowadays.
i started to wonder…

Why can friends turn into your biggest foes?

i would like to think i’m a loyal fox.
people have told me many of their secrets.
even people who email me know the trust is there.
even in my biggest “knock down; drag outs”,
i have never told anyone’s business.
sure i’ll talk about how hurt i was,
and what made me vex about the situation,
but all that other private shit is irrelevant to the point.
for some odd reason tho,
the other person likes to start telling mine!!!
like wtf!!!

tumblr_ncwb1956cy1u06ukzo1_500i knew a wolf i was cool with.
just recently we had a falling out.
not my fault at all,
but whatever.
anyway during our “friendship”,
we shared many things with each other.
i didn’t reveal anything too crazy to him,
but i did share some stuff that i wouldn’t tell just anyone.
he would tell me all his business tho.
he even spoke about our mutual friends.
stuff about some of the vixens he messed with.
i tried to always stay objective and not throw daggers with him.
that was my first clue.
thats when i started to watch what i say.
i can’t be cool with you if i gotta watch my words.
well we not cool no more and something i told him got back to me today.
tumblr_n9k76rULtI1qmvd3jo1_250what in almighty fuck??

the ratchet side in me wants to start talking myself,
but i’d rather watch karma teach him a lesson.
when you go tit for tat,
it also looks like you can’t be trusted as well.
thank god i didn’t say anything too incriminating.
i really would have been tite.
it just fucks me up that people don’t take loyalty seriously.
a majority of people are jackals in disguise.
like who can we really trust?
and are we for really fuckin’ sure?

that friend with the ear that becomes the enemy with the mouth….
is people really our “friends”?

or are people just ticking time bombs ready to explode with your business?
it gets to the point that we let people in our lives,
but we gotta sign a nondisclosure agreement in case the shit ends.

in case this friendship comes to nothing,
all personal business shared by both parties will remain confidential.
in case you bump your head and fuck up,
remember your ass CAN and WILL be sued.
please sign on the dotted line below.


they will have all your business on front street,
but get mad when you start dragging out theirs.
the logic?
i started to wonder that if we can’t trust out friends,
and maybe even some family…

…Then who can we really trust?


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “You Pineapples Ain’t Loyal”

  1. Well I have never went through a situation such as this yet, mostly because I do not trust people enough to reveal certain things to them. When something is suppose to be private or a secret, the best way to may sure it is safe, is to not tell anyone at all.

    I also want to say this as well. When in a relationship, do not talk to your friends about your problems. Do not even brag about the positive things. People will use it against you or they will spread it across town. If I found out a Fox revealed something to a friend of his, I will end the relationship then and there. What happens between us stays between us.

  2. It’s so funny that you posted this topic today. I was going to write you the other night about something like this.
    People use the word “friend” way too frequently. I tell them that it is a word that is earned in my book. If they get offended, oh well. Two guys that I thought were my friends REALLY fucked me over mentally. One flipped out on me over a girl he was dating (she and I were friends before they started dating but once they were dating I couldn’t talk to her any longer) and all the while he was fucking anything that showed him attention (he was fine as hell). The other slept with my girlfriend behind my back. When I found out I told him he was dead to me. Tried to blame it on the liquor. He then started telling all kinds of lies on me to anyone that would listen, but I never said anything negative against him. Cut to years later, he is now “saved” and wants to reconnect. I told him no thanks.
    You learn a lot about people through their actions and words. Before I used to take a person’s word, but now I view their actions as a parameter of how far my dealings with the individual will go. As they say, actions speak louder than words. The two remaining guys I call my friends have truly exhibited the spirit of the word, and I am thankful for them. There were three but one passed away 3 years ago.

    1. ^this is such a powerful testimony c.
      thank you for sharing.

      its funny how people don’t realize these straight wolves can be pure bred 110% cut from the same cloth bitches.

  3. Sometimes it seems like you can’t trust anyone these days. Smh I’m glad I have close friends that I know would never do this.

  4. Yea you gotta be careful who you put in your life. Man, I been beware by my “friends” too many times that force me to very picky on who I bring to my life. Im not gonna lie sometime I worry that I will never make a real friend because nowadays people just want to use each other until they have no use for that person. It’s sad.

  5. Maybe it’s bad to be this way, but I’m inherently distrustful of all people until time and their actions prove they can be trusted.

    Before I tell anyone anything private about myself I really evaluate their role in my life. A lot of people we meet, especially those of us in our 20’s, are temporary. Two trains passing in the night.

    Then some shit needs to be kept in your head and taken to the grave.

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