So What Happened To…?


Someone call the Scooby Doo Detective Agency.

You could not tell me I wasn’t going to be with Jensen “Wade” Atwood back in the day.
Wade is EXACTLY the type of Wolf I am sure ever Fox is interested in.

….but who is his friend??????




Author: jamari fox

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12 thoughts on “So What Happened To…?”

    1. Sounds about right. Just stay there & look pretty, don’t speak…but what’s happened to any of the Noah’s Arc principals? Banished to the gay ghetto?

      And give me Wilson Cruz over him any day…

  1. he has been dating a Marietta(suburb of Atlanta) man for sometime and has never been able to catch on with either Kenny Leon or any of Tyler Perry’s projects because of his arrogance and rep!

    1. Dating a dude? And he was the main one talmbout he just ‘plays gay.’ Guess he’s not playing anymore…lol

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