The Day I Fucked Up With An NBA Rookie

I guess I have the look that a baller would be attracted too.

Star Fox kept on telling me that, even though I doubted it due to insecurities.
Hell, once before this site was even thought of I nearly had a baller of my very own…

….until I fucked it all up.

It was around 05.

Star Fox met up with me after work and we went walking around; window shopping.
Anyway – I decided to buy this nice duffel bag that was pretty expensive in this one store.
Star Fox was making fun of the Nike bag I was using as a backpack.
What? It was a lapse in judgement.
I threw the current bag I had in the trash and started to break in my new duffel.
I am the type that is out with the old and in with the new.

These 3 tall ass Wolves walked in the store.
One happened to be Juan Dixon.
I always saw him on television during games and thought he was so fine.
In person, he was FINER.
I remember he had these big ass diamond earrings in his ears and this nice ass bracelet.
I was so jealous because he looked like money…
(even though he was wearing a gray sweat suit).

This one particular Wolf in that 3some was staring at me as he walked through the section to browse.
We exchanged looks and I kept on shopping.
Star Fox walked up beside me and hinted he was trying to clock me so work my magic.
My issue was when I got around real fine Wolves, I was shy as hell.
I decided to drift further into the section I was in and he decided to follow me.

As he was about to come closer,
Juan called out to him to look at something where he was.
All three of them were congregating about some bag with the salesperson for a hot minute.
I was like fuck this and Star Fox and I decided to keep it moving.

Do you know this mofo followed me until we were in a totally different section?
He left Juan and was acting like he was “shopping” but he was following us.
We were practically on the other side.
I decided to slow down in hopes of him getting my number.
He was cute as hell.
He was a rookie and his style was kind of iffy but I didn’t care.
This fine ass NBA player was trying to get at me.
As I turned around on the escalator he stopped, looked at me, smiled, and turned around.


I did learn a valuable lesson after that now that I think about it.
When the moment is there, GRAB THAT MUTHAFUCKA BY THE BALLS.
Go on the fear and make it happen.
Fear is actually adrenaline contained.
My insecurities at the time got the best of me, I will admit.
Can’t cry over spilled milk.

I watched him play at a game years later and he is a great player.
Definitely better now that he is more seasoned in the league.
Of course, he got some babies under his belt but that don’t have shit to with me.
I smile because he was sort of my introduction into ballers.

Maybe one of these days we will finish what should have started.

He has some nice plump ass lips.


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  1. You were young, you didn’t know any better. Now you have to skills to lock it down; who knows – maybe you’ll see him out shopping again…

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