Well Well Well (Janet Has Something To Share)

THERETURNwell you wanted it,
so she is bringing it.
wendy williams be damned.
janet is returning back to music!
she dropped this teaser on vimeo for the fans…

janet-jackson-hairflip-oi’m pretty interested in her new offering to the music world.
i damn near killed “the velvet rope” two months ago.
that album got me through.
even tho i wonder what janet will “talk about”,
i’m sure it will be an entertaining era nonetheless.
i’m ready for it janet!

lowkey: am i the only one who digs when an artist does an “era” for their new music?
madonna (well her early shit) and lana del rey do it so well.
janet did it with “the velvet rope” and “discipline”.
i thought chris brown was gonna do this whole “90s” thing with his collab with tyga,
but that def fell flat.artists need to get back into a full transformation for their different albums.
it makes their fans and stans transform as well.
just my thought and hopefully it made sense.

Author: jamari fox

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19 thoughts on “Well Well Well (Janet Has Something To Share)

  1. I’m interested in hearing her new music as well. She hasn’t released an album in a minute.

  2. Many people love Janet and ready for her new music, tour and movement!! She needed to take a long break from the music industry. Some other artists need to do the same and figure some things out and just live life!! Welcome back Queen Janet!!!

  3. Yes Yes Yes I love Janet I can’t wait for her new music and tour. Janet still can bring the dance moves. The thing that I love is Janet career started before most of us were even thought about and her music from 1986 is still very relevant and she still can perform the choreography. I also think that with this whole new social media world Janet is going to blow all the way back up.

  4. I hope she works with some quality producers and puts together some good, no awesome, tracks!
    I gotta laugh at the Chris Brown/Tyga comment, J. What made you think that would be good?!
    I listened to that CD…and while some people may think it was good/ok, it was whack. Beat-wise, it made your head nod. Lyric wise…how many times can you talk about clubs/drinking/hoes/and what you can supposedly do in the bedroom?!

    1. ^ill be real honest c…

      like ciara new album,
      Mariah “chanteuse” album,
      and with them and that collaboration album…
      i didn’t really listen to them.
      they sitting in my iTunes.
      I listen to 3 tracks from Chris/tyga was was bored.

      i thought they would go full out with the visuals.
      it would have been interesting if they kept up with the 90s theme.
      videos included.
      clearly I had better ideas than they did LOL

      1. I found Ciara’s new CD surprisingly good. There are a number of tracks on it that I like.
        For me, if I like more than three tracks on a CD…that’s good for me.
        Mariah has disappointed me for a while now. I hope she can get it together, and give us some real good music although “Infinity” sucks to high heaven! LOL
        Maybe if they had people who would think past the “artist-in-the-club-with-the-scantily-dressed-hoochies” type videos, they might get somewhere. That concept is soooo fuckin tired! WHY don’t these artists understand that?!! God, I miss the Missy Elliot videos! LOL

        1. ^damn ciara is good?
          ima have to load it up today and see what’s poppin.
          her last album was pretty decent.

          what’s crazy is i have been listening to Missy’s whole collection this week.
          she needs to make her appearance back into the hip hop world.
          She is missed.
          plus she has a gang of new artists to collab with.

          I’ll buy a missy record.
          “under construction” is my favorite from her.

  5. I’m more interested in whether all these Janet fans are going to actually support her this time around. With all these people from different generations that claim they are fans she should sell plenty of albums, singles, and concert tickets.

    As for me, I’ll support if she’s releasing quality material and not trying to be “young and trendy”. That was Mariah’s downfall and Madonna relies purely on shock value these days.

    1. ^i was gonna say that too.
      i feel like im the only person who bought her last album,
      i love that record.
      matter fact Ima play it now.

      mariah is trying too hard and failing.
      i actually liked madonna’s new album,
      but she is also trying to hard.
      these women don’t need to keep up with the younger generation.
      it looks pathetic.

      1. why do the michael jackson stans not like janet?
        I see a lot of his fans hatin’ on her heavy.
        you would think as her sister she would be able to sit at the table.

      2. ^That is the problem with the more established artists. They try to follow the trends and cater to the younger crowds…who don’t give two fucks about them. LOL
        Stick to your tried and true fan base…they will support you. Mariah needs to learn that. She tries too hard to have the “hip-hop artist-of-the-moment” on her tracks, and I don’t know if she realizes that it makes her look desperate. Case in point…I love the lyrics to “Triumphant” but Meek Mills and Rick Ross served no purpose for that track, and their rhymes just took AWAY from the message of the song.
        Madonna is trying to introduce her shock tactics to a new audience, but her being as old as she is, it makes her look like a damn fool. LOL

      3. Basically SOME (very few but still some) MJ hate have been hating on her since that whole propaganda movement spearheaded by the MJ estate was created in 2012 making it look like the siblings are greedy after his money. Remember the whole Katherine has been kidnapped by the her children thing, and the false reports that Janet slapped Paris. The estate (IMO) are also responsible for floating around rumors that Janet refused to allow MJ to be buried for 3 months until she got her deposit back etc… just a bunch a nonsense but any real hardcore MJ fan knows the estate has never been acting in his best interest.

      4. No ones been buying Janet albums since whatever album “All For You” was on.

        One can argue Janet isn’t the visionary or artist Michael naturally was and I think that’s why his fans all don’t support her. Michael did always have the Jackson 5 supporters too though.

        Mariah is such a disappointment. She rivals Whitney Houston for Christ sake! She doesn’t need anything but a piano and a decent song. She doesn’t neef overproduced pointless songs and rappers. She needs to stop working with Jermaine Dupri altogether.

  6. You know Jay, Janet got fucked over with that Super Bowl performance. That was what began her “downfall” and she was never able to recover from that, no matter how she tried. Michael Powell’s punk ass came out years later to say the punishment was harsh. Ya think?!!
    Perhaps people will be able to look past that now. Hell, Justin made out just fine!

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