This Is How I’d Let You Dump Your Load On My Head

tumblr_n2hv4mBwgm1sk0c87o1_500i got donatella versace’s mindframe.
i would recruit two sexy wolves with bodies like ^that,
baller or non,
to dump their loads on my head.
load of ice for the als ice bucket challenge that is.
what did you think i was talking about?
well an f-bi showed me how donatella versace did just that and well…

sA98Tetsomeone hand her the award.
she won in my book.

lowkey: i want a chair like the one she is sitting on.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “This Is How I’d Let You Dump Your Load On My Head”

  1. Damn, they’re not gonna stop until Obama and the queen of England have done that challenge. I heard Jesus had a few Angels dump ice on him. Get liar liar to do it but replace the water with acid. j/k

  2. Peep christian arno williams on the right….hes the hottest brit boy ever next to Prince Harry of course

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